Transformer Drummer


We're back with another new monster, designed from the ground up and crafted with extreme detail 'Transformer Drummer' is something you just have not heard before. Imagine a drum battle between the Autobots & Decepticons with Optimus Prime hammering a transforming drum kit for hours, well these transformer drum sounds would be the result. We spent literally months creating this drum kit and are super proud of the way it has turned out, there is nothing like it out there, period. With metal power kicks mastered to ZenFX perfection, electric hi hats that break sonic boundaries in high end frequencies, snares that snap like a robotic punch, ultimate manoeuvring percussion and of course fx bangs, reverses and modern transformer fx that was designed specifically for this sample pack, this drum kit will blow your mind!

We decided to create this drum kit at incredibly high quality 24 bit 96 khz sounds which means sonically you can not get a better drum kit for your music productions, for film / tv this will fit in perfectly with your audio limitations. We made a preview for this sample pack in 1 hour, used only the sounds from 'Transformer Drummer' and added just a tiny bit of mastering, allowing you to listen to just how easy it is to work with this drum kit, just how deep the kick drums are, how tight the snares and claps sound, how perfect the percussion is and overall just how different to anything you have ever heard before. We highly suggest listening the our preview at a high volume to see how the broad the sonic clarity is. You're listening to the preview as a crunched mp3, imagine how big it sounds in 96 khz wav goodness!

We like to believe that Zenhiser pushes new ideas and boundaries in our sample packs so as of 6th June 2012 we are confident in saying this is a sample pack no other pro audio sample label has and fits in with our "You heard it first at Zenhiser" moniker. We also decided to add a huge arsenal of drum sounds into 'Transformer Drummer' which resulted in an astonishing 755 transformer drum sounds including over 150 percussion sounds, 110 kick drums, 90 snares, 50 fx bangs, 50 hi hats and a whole lot more.

With such a broad range of transformer type drum sounds this drum kit is perfect for a multitude of genres and styles including Dubstep, Electro, Drum & Bass, Breaks, House, Trance, TV, Film, Games and more. We are really proud here at Zenhiser with 'Transformer Drummer' and are sure you will be too. This is only our second release from ZenFX, but rest assured each sample pack will only get better and better!

Claps - 45
Cymbals - 40
FX - Bang - 50
FX - Reverses - 50
FX - Transformer - 70
Hi Hats - 50
Kicks - Phase I - 60
Kicks - Phase II - 50
Percussion - Essential - 150
Percussion - Hits - 50
Percussion - Transformer - 50
Snares - 90

Files - Audio: 755
Type - Audio: 24-Bit 96-Khz
Info - Key: No
Info - Bpm: No
Zip Size: 423 MB

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