The Art Of Psytrance 2


Pounding your brain with hypnotic rhythms, The Art Of Psytrance 2 brings together the finest melodies, obscure vocals, ethnic influences and raw inspiration to forge one of the finest Psytrance sample packs ever conceived. Perfectly balanced to compliment Zenhiser’s extensive Psytrance library this weighty assortment of narcotic wizardry is perfect for any producer looking to push their sonic capabilities to soaring levels of elegance & style.

Based upon the layout of it’s preceding sister, The Art Of Psytrance 2 forges forward with a truly gifted 5GB assortment of stems, midi and full mixes laying the foundations of future tracks for months to come. Perfectly crafted, organised and mastered by singer songwriter duo Milojko & Jovana Jaric into 20 creative construction kits including pristine hooks, jaw dropping basslines, floor stomping beats, hard edged chords, hallucinogenic vocals with as much energy as a tropical hurricane this is one Psytrance sample pack not to be missed. Tempo ranging song starters from 136bpm - 142bpm ensure cross compatibility for genres including Psytrance, Goa, Progressive Trance, Full On and Experimental whilst the included Midi provides near endless genre defying producer potential. All tracks and individual stems have been mastered to monumental proportions warranting drop and play possibilities from the word go.

The Art Of Psytrance 2 is set become a staple sound in tomorrow’s hit Psytrance tracks so don’t delay in adding this stockpile to your studio collection. All samples are 100% royalty free, 24-Bit Wav and can be used in your tracks immediately. Midi is included as standard with all tempo and melodic content file labelled to lock in with both your new and exisiting tracks. Check out the demo now and watch yourself click the buy button before it’s even finished.

Song Starters - 20 (includes full song mixes, midi, drums, instruments, basslines, 303, fx, vocals, paints, chords and more) - 209

Total Samples - 209
Total Midi - 20
Tempo - 136bpm - 142bpm
Info - Key: Yes
Unzip Size - 5.3GB
Zip Size: 3.5GB

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