Techno Addiction


If your tracks are crying out for something more driven, heavier and punishing then Techno Addiction is the sample pack for you. Created by one of Techno’s leading underground producers this stunning collection of infectious loops, stems, midi and one shots will elevate your studio to savage proportions. It’s time to gain Techno mastery with a powerhouse of production potential, you are going to blow the scene apart with these formidable studio tools.

Within the deluge of options you’ll find everything you need to create analogue style Techno tracks including five fully fledged Song Starters with added Midi, a mountain of textural full mix loops with imperative individual parts, crucial one shots along with punchy drums, infectious vocals, powerful FX, dedicated Midi basslines, Midi synths and a tantalising bundle of percussive drum tops. With a blistering unzip size of over 6GB this Techno sample pack is the main event, if you’re a dedicated Techno producer this collection has your name all over it.

Inside this sample smorgasbord you’ll find an immense 347 Techno samples & loops plus 167 dedicated Midi. All sounds are 100% royalty free and delivered in 24-Bit Wav. Zip files have been drastically compressed to reduce download time and all is available under our simplistic License Agreement for ease of use within your tracks, remixes etc. When Techno sounds get this good you need to be using them immediately.

Drums - 01 Kicks - 10
Drums - 02 Hi Hats - 10
Drums - 03 Snares - 08
Drums - 04 Percussion - 14
Loops - Basslines - 25
Loops - Drum Beats - 75
Loops - Drum Tops - 39
Loops - Full Mix - 25
Loops - Synth - 98
Midi - Basslines - 22
Midi - Synth - 64
One Shots - FX - 10
One Shots - Vox Dry - 03
One Shots - Vox Wet - 18
Song Starters (Audio) - 05 (includes Basslines, Beats, Drum Tops, Synths, Vocals, Atmos, FX) - 66
Song Starters (Midi) - 05 (includes Basslines, Synths) - 27

Total Samples - 347
Total Midi - 167
Tempo - 125bpm - 130bpm
Info - Key: Yes
Unzip Size - 6.1GB
Zip Size: 4.6GB

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