Sylenth Deep House


Want exclusive sounds for your Sylenth synth that are deep, groovy and downright sexy? Well Sylenth Deep House from Zenhiser is the preset pack for you. Combining 100 deep house sounds that are simply sublime Sylenth Deep House delves into the underground deep house scene and delivers a forward thinking collection of presets that just ooze smokiness. The range of preset styles in this pack are great, warm basses, deep chords, smooth leads, sexy keys and downright perfect sounds. 

Designed from the ground up these exquisite presets are a testament to everything Deep House, they are your instant stockpile to the deep house sound. It only takes a couple of seconds to load these Sylenth presets but you'l be playing around with them for days on end. When it comes to quality these deep house sounds are second to none so why waste your time thinking about purchasing them just click the buy button and get your deep groove on!

Please Note: This preset pack contains presets for Lennar Digital's Sylenth Synth only, it does not contain wav files.

Deep House Arp - 3
Deep House Bass - 9
Deep House Chord - 24
Deep House Pad - 28
Deep House FX - 10
Deep House Key - 10
Deep House Organ - 4
Deep House Synth - 12

Info - Key: No
Info - Bpm: No
Zip Size: 1 MB

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