Studio Essentials - Techno


Deep, driving and percussive techno sounds push this addition of the Studio Essentials series to whole new levels. A massive array of techno samples and loops ready to use and abuse within minutes of your purchase and with no holds barred in quality this is a must for anyone involved in the Techno revolution. The attention to detail and sound quality of these techno sounds is second to none and with clinical perfection you have the pinnacle in pro audio loops, hits, fx, basslines, beats, sequences, drum sounds and much more.

Combining both underground techno and minimal tech sound has crafted a new techno monster that will deliver whatever your techno sub genre. In total this sample pack pushes in over 1100 techno sounds, samples and loops which means from the word go you have a big library of techno sounds to be used instantly and deliver both inspiration and fully fledged song parts. With everything custom built as well including techno beats and drum sounds, basslines and bass hits, synth loops and synth hits you have the option to use as much or as little programming skills as you require, now you can see just how good the Studio Essentials series really is. And as with all in this series, these techno samples are 24bit wav files with both key information and bpm added to the filename for instant use.

"Studio Essentials - Techno" weighs in at a massive 1153 samples and loops totalling just over 800mb in size.

Bass Hits - 56 samples
Basslines - 75 loops
Drum Beats - 175 loops
Drum Beats (Tops) 230 loops
Drums - Kicks - 61 samples
Drums - Hi Hats - 48 samples
Drums - Claps - 39 samples
Drums - Snares - 33 samples
Drums - Glitches - 72 samples
Drums - Percussion - 100 samples
FX Loops - 66 samples
Synth Hits - 57 samples
Synth Loops - 77 samples
Sequences - 64

Files - Audio: 1153
Type - Audio: 24-Bit 44.1-Khz
Info - Key: Yes
Info - Bpm: Yes
Zip Size: 806 MB

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