Pure Minitech DrumBeats


In conjunction with our 'Pure Minitech Basslines' sample packs, these exclusive minimal tech drum beats set new standards in minimal programming. Fitting just as well under the groove loop section these minimal tech beats create a fundamental groove and sound to your minimal and tech tracks.

Sometimes getting the ball rolling with your latest minimal or tech track can take hours of programming, adjusting and sound selecting, with 'Pure Minitech DrumBeats 01 & 02' we do all that work for you. Once purchased just browse these seductively minimal beats, pick your groove and drop it perfectly into your minimal tech production, it's that easy. Trust us, these minimal tech beats are great.


Files - Audio: 90
Type - Audio: 16-Bit 44.1-Khz
Info - Key: No
Info - Bpm: No
Zip Size: 88 MB

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