Punch Drunk


Get ready for an incredible, hard hitting, industrial strength assortment of samples and loops that will obliterate your studio in minutes. Worldly caustic instruments collide with abrasive rhythms to create an aggressive sample pack of big budget movie proportions. Punch Drunk burrows into the disheveled sound of cinema combing Neuro / Dubstep with Soundtrack to establish an intense, unique sound that probes new life into your tracks and productions.

Carefully crafted and aggressively mastered this forceful sample library delves as deep into your unconscious as humanly possible. Over 600 powerful ambiances, drum sounds, fx, monster sounds and one shots combine to deliver a beast of a pack that will send shockwaves through your production skills. Using this extraordinary collection will send shivers through your spine, confuse your endorphins and replicate profound imagery usually left up to illegal substances to create this hallucinogenic state. An exemplary collection of audio stems showcased in the preview supplies mangled melodies, crushing drums and fanatical fx with devastating power. Midi has also been included for these admirable stems to increase production potential. There’s no lacking in programming opportunities with Punch Drunk, the final uses of these sounds, loops and midi is truly endless.

This impressive selection of sounds is available for immediate download in 24-Bit WAV. Key & tempo information is included in file names with the zip generously squashed to reduce download time.

With unique film score libraries like these, your studio potential is almost boundless. You’ll find Punch Drunk is perfect buddy to Sucker Punch in the fight towards Sound track domination.

Ambiances - 62
Drums - 01 Kicks - 18
Drums - 02 Snares - 11
Drums - 03 Percussion - 128
FX - 198
Monsters - 39
One Shots - 135
Preview Stems - Audio - 21
Preview Stems - Midi - 11

Total Samples - 612
Total Midi - 11
Tempo - 140bpm
Info - Key: Yes
Unzip Size - 1.8GB
Zip Size: 1.0GB

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