Psytrance For Massive


Just when you thought NI’s Massive synth couldn’t get any more powerful, Zenhiser enters the ring with a Psytrance preset pack that begs belief. Made from scratch and designed exclusively to turbo charge your Psytrance studio these presets will lift your production skills to legendary status. This pack is 100% worth the wait.

Designed by one of Digital Om’s leading producers, Rafa Gomez from Atacama has pushed Massive’s sonic boundaries with an overabundance of Psytrance presets. Combining classic Psy sounds with cutting edge synthesis ensures this collection will last the test of time. 179 next level Psytrance presets including focused tripped out sequences, squelchy fx, ethereal pads, hard hitting synth sounds and chugging chords turns Massive into a dedicated Psytrance synth monster. Macro’s are included in abundance applying innovation, style and modulation to the sounds. If Psytrance For Massive didn’t already have enough firepower we also included all the audio in stem format from the preview, that’s four song starters to keep your audio needs covered too.

Massive is an addictive synth, inject Psytrance For Massive into it’s veins and you have the narcotic power to obliterate the Psytrance scene from one end of the globe to the other.

This sample and preset pack includes 173 presets designed exclusively for Native Instruments Massive synth only. All audio included is 24-Bit Wav with key & tempo information embedded within file names. Compression has reduced the overall pack from 2.8GB to 506MB ensuring speedier downloads. Grab Psytrance For Massive today and turn Massive into a Psy Goliath!

Presets - Chords - 07
Presets - FX - 13
Presets - Pads - 04
Presets - Sequences - 143
Presets - Synths - 06
Song Starters X4 - 84 (includes full mixes, individual drums, chords, sequences, fx, bass and more)

Total Presets - 173
Total Samples - 8
Total Midi - 0
Tempo - 138bpm - 141bpm
Info - Key: Yes
Unzip Size - 2.8GB
Zip Size: 506MB

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