Pollex - Melodic House & Techno


Take an introspective look into the blissful world of Melodic House & Techno. A genre (or two) that our heart is truly attached to. This utterly gorgeous and decadent musical mastery we call Melodic House & Techno has the style of Italian fashion mixed wth the emotion of finally seeing a long lost friend. The subtle mix of emotional and passionate elements gives this genre the foundations it needs to last a very long time.

‘Pollex” grounds us perfectly in the centre of Melodic House & Techno. It combines, finesse, allure and infectious rhythms that will make your ears feel like they’re blossoming in a filed of wildflowers. From the moment you start the preview you’ll be transported to a wonderland where basslines pulsate like the wings of butterflies, synth lines soar like eagles high in the sky and magical production dust floats around like a swarm of fireflies at night. It’s the sonic Nirvana you’ve been searching for to supply a helping hand whenever needed.

Everything is delivered to be layered, chopped, switched, programmed and emulated for an endless selection of possibilities. That’s what makes Zenhiser sample packs so great. Think along the lines of Afterlife, Diynamic, Upperground, Oddity, Anjuna, or Renaissance for a feel and insight into the pack. Then get your head round 2GB of incredible content ready to unleash your production skills in a matter of minutes. That’s what awaits you within the realm of “Pollex - Melodic House & Techno”.

Bass synth loops - 50
Drum loops - 156
Music loops - 50
Synth loops - 132

Bass synth loops - 50
Synth & lead loops - 63

One Shots
Bass one shots - 25
Drums - claps - 25
Drums - hi hat - 50
Drums - kick - 51
Drums - percussion - 50
Drums - snare - 25
FX one shots - 49
Synth one shots - 25

Total Samples - 688
Total Midi - 113
Total Presets - 0
Tempo - 122bpm
Key Info - Yes

Audio - 24-Bit Wav
Unzip Size - 2.1B
Zip Size - 1.9GB

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