Omnisphere Psytrance Presets 2


Psytrance producers rejoice, Zenhiser is back with another hypnotising collection of presets designed exclusively for Spectrasonic’s Omnisphere synth. This stunning stockpile of forward thinking sounds have been expertly crafted to inject new life into your favourite synth and the Psytrance genre. Trust us, 160 presets and 136 audio stems will be at the forefront of your studio’s tools for months to come.

 Fusing Progressive with Full On Psytrance this breathtaking collection of presets includes evolving pads, spiritual fx, pounding bass, mesmeric arps, power leads and mystical sequences. No stone has been left unturned within “Omnisphere Psytrance Presets 2”, everything has been included to tear clubs apart with your next Psytrance masterpiece. Following the trends of Ace Ventura, Audiotec, Atacama & Egorythmia you’l be left speechless by the electrifying precision of each and every sound. Comprising of the seven key elements any preset collection should include, you’ll find an exemplary assortment of FX, Sequences, Plucks, Stabs, Leads, Arps & Bass. Each preset has been designed from scratch ensuring a brand new creation of Psytrance sounds with boundless programming potential offered by one of the strongest synths in the musical field. We’re opening the floodgates with a new level of vaporising presets.

Aficionados of Omnisphere celebrate, we’ve just transcended the synth to the highest level of consciousness with one bank file!

All presets within the pack are only compatible with Spectrasonics Omnisphere Synth

Song Starters - 04 (includes full mix previews, drums, fx, sweeps. arps, leads, basslines, sequences and plucks) - 136
Presets - FX - 40
Presets - FX Risers - 7
Presets - Sweeps - 22
Presets - Sequences - 12
Presets - Plucks - 2
Presets - Stabs - 8
Presets - Leads - 24
Presets - Arps - 34
Presets - Bass - 11

Total Samples - 136
Total Presets - 160
Total Midi - 00
Tempo - 138bpm - 142bpm
Info - Key: Yes
Unzip Size - 5.4GB
Zip Size: 1.9GB

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