Oldskool Revival


Explore a time where sonic exploration was at it’s forefront and producers pushed boundaries with their unique talent. Encompassing the 90’s decade, Oldskool Revival captures the experimental sound  that opened people’s mind into a new era of sonic production. With nods to Oldskool Rave, Garage, House and Electronica this sample library accurately acquires the pulsating rhythms, deep grooves, expressive vocal chops and instrumental sections of the 90’s.

This retro laiden sample pack from Zenhiser features a myriad of sonic ideas lavishly mastered to divine perfection. Designed to ensure instant gratification, these retro building blocks form the perfect foundation for your future tracks. Each Oldskool groove projects itself with heavyweight basslines, powerful classic beats, retro styled vocals, essential drum fills and full mix combinations. A unique FX folder also adds a new dimension of sound to this exquisitely produced sample pack. The 90’s is when dance music first truly shined, there were no boundaries, producers created what they felt and this was the approach we used with Oldskool Revival, ensuring a truly authentic collection of loops and samples.

Loops & Grooves - 253 samples (Includes basslines, beats, fills, vocals and full mix loops)
FX - 50 samples

Files - Audio: 303
Type - Audio: 24 Bit-Wav
Info - Key: Yes
Info - Bpm: 124bpm
Unzip Size - 1.0 GB
Zip Size: 790MB

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