Today we introduce K-Pop to our virtual shelves and it’s a full blown audio assault. We have the honour of this pack being crafted by the producer of Tory Lanez's track "Hurts Me" and one of ‘GD X Taeyangs’ key producers resulting in what can only be considered as a K-Pop sample pack masterpiece.

Get between the sheets of this prolific South Korean sound and you’ll find a distinctive medley of intricate beats, skull rattling basslines, aggressive brass stabs, evocative leads and devastatingly good drops. Think of producers like G-Dragon, Taeyang & BTS to get a ball park idea of this heavenly cluster of sounds. A total of 377 stems, loops, one shots, drum sounds and FX makes up the meticulously detailed contents, providing the perfect starting point for your next musical creation. Due to the producers programming style midi is not included, however with so much unique, inspiring sounds included you won’t be missing it.

Whether you’re a K-Pop fan, Hip Hop junkie or Trap aficionado, ‘K-Pop’ has all your bases covered.

Song Starters (Stems) x5
Includes drum mix, without kick, brass, pads, arps, strings, paint, flute, 808 bass, fx - 64
Drum Hits - 01 Kicks - 29
Drum Hits - 02 Snares - 25
Drum Hits - 03 Claps - 25
Drum Hits - 04 Hi Hats - 30
Loops - Basslines - 25
Loops - Drum Beats - 75
Loops - Instruments & Synths - 50
One Shots - FX - 49

Total Samples - 377
Total Midi - 0
Total Presets - 0
Tempo - 128bpm - 160bpm
Key Info - Yes

Audio - 24-Bit Wav
Unzip Size - 2.8GB
Zip Size - 1.3GB

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