Inner Techno Visions


Combining all the elements we love about Techno and blending them together with outrageous clarity, “Inner Techno Visions” will please even the most fussy of Techno connoisseurs. Delve deep into the collection and you’ll find a folder selection of legendary proportions waiting to be set free. It’s the near perfect Techno sound pack that will take pride of place in your studio.

Inside this brand new resource centre you’ll find a sensational selection of detailed sounds and loops including arp sequences, scuffling drums, deep bass, advanced vocal synths, diverse one shots and production defying stems. 4GB of content safeguards your purchase by delivering a turbocharge effect to your studio within minutes. Watch it turn your creative space into a fully fledged Techno bunker jam packed with breath taking construction kits, complex full mix loops and innovative one shots. You now have full access to high end studio tools immediately so download this collection today and express yourself within the realm of possibility.

“Inner techno Visions” offers no filler, just 100% true to the Techno sound samples and midi, blurring the lines and beauty and character.

Song Starters - 05 (includes full mix previews, midi, basslines, drums, arps, plucks, risers, impacts, vocal synths & pads) - 55
Drum Hits - 01 Kicks - 26
Drum Hits - 02 Hi Hats - 25
Drum Hits - 03 Claps - 25
Drum Hits - 04 Percussion - 26
Loops - Basslines - 25
Loops - Drum Beats - 75
Loops - Full Mix - 25
Loops - Instruments & Vox - 48
Loops - Midi - 25
Loops - Synths - 50
One Shots - Bass - 33
One Shots - FX - 30
One Shots - Synths - 35

Total Samples - 473
Total Midi - 30
Tempo - 7120bpm - 122bpm
Info - Key: Yes
Unzip Size - 4.0GB
Zip Size: 3.2GB

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