Pounding it’s way into the limelight, Halftime’s immense sound is setting the world’s dance floors alight with a pulverising sound until recently never heard before. Grabbing it’s roots from Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Trap and any fluid beat genres this spectacular sample pack  delves deep into the current sound with ideal unrecognisable sounds to add your individual stamp to your latest project. This eclectic sound will redefine the Trap journey and Zenhiser has you in the front seat.

Based around the sound of QUIX, Hydraulix, Oski and Ivy Lab this pack is filled to the brim with ear bruising basslines, stomping beats, aggressive synths lines, hammering drum sounds, abrasive one shots and disruptive FX. Supplied with full mix loops and Midi this Halftime sample pack monument will add an obliterating collection of production ideas designed developing both your sound and construction skills. With just over 1.3GB of influential material Halftime explores the very metallic, dark and immense sound in impeccable style. Heavy bass drops combined with cutting edge drums provides an organic flow of formulated sonic success, which is ready to be used and digitally abused.

This sample collection of Halftime sounds is perfect for anyone looking to add something fresh to their tracks, don’t think etherial melodies, this pack focuses on the shaded, heavier side of the road. Loops range from 75 - 90bpm with all audio mastered to 24-bit Wav. Midi is once again included as standard for infinite production exploration, everything is 100% royalty free and if we had an offical Zenhiser seal, this pack would get that too!

Drums - 01 Kicks - 25
Drums - 02 Claps - 13
Drums - 03 Snares - 28
Drums - 04 Hi Hats - 13 
Drums - 05 Percussion - 25
Loops - Basslines - 50
Loops - Drum Beats - 150
Loops - Full Mix - 50
Loops - Midi - 74
Loops - Synth - 100
One Shots - Various - 50
One Shots - FX - 50

Total Samples - 554
Total Midi - 74
Tempo - 75bpm - 90bpm
Info - Key: Yes
Unzip Size - 1.3GB
Zip Size: 1.1GB

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