Dark Shades - Drum & Bass

There’s a whole bunch of shade in this pack, good shade. It’s the type of sound that will have you rocking back and forth in your studio chair and pulling that stink look at least once a minute. None of that ‘less in more’ with Zenhiser packs, more is more, just make sure that more is all insanely tasty content and we’re all onto a winner. That’s what you got with ‘Dark Shades’.

It’s dark, raw and hypnotic. You’ll find rolling beats, dystopian synths, eerie pads, punchy arps, tight drums, killer one shots and enough midi to keep you so busy, someone will send in a search team to find out where you’ve been for weeks. Dark Shades is perfectly suited for Minimal Drum & Bass, Dark and Rollers with a little extra production juice to get experimental with if these sub genres are not your production style.

So get your 303 addictions in order with maintenance doses of Dark Shades - Drum & Bass. The perfect medication from your favourite sample company!

Bass synth loops - 50
Drum loops - 150
Music loops - 50
Synth loops - 149

Bass synth loops - 50
Synth loops - 99
Synth one shots - 25

One Shots  
Bass one shots - 30
Drums - hi hat - 25
Drums - kick - 25
Drums - percussion - 25
Drums - snare - 25
FX one shots - 50
Synth one shots - 25

Total Samples - 603
Total Midi - 174
Total Presets - 0
Tempo - 172bpm
Key Info - Yes

Audio - 24-Bit Wav
Unzip Size - 1.4GB
Zip Size - 1.2GB

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