Classic House Drum Sounds


We knew it was only a matter of time before we received a huge amount of requests for Classic 90’s House drum sounds, and with our love for everything retro we knew it would sit perfectly in the Zenhiser catalogue. Consisting of all the elements anyone needs to create authentic 90’s Classic House drums ‘Classic House Drum Sounds’ weaves it’s way through Jackin’ 90’s House, Classic Piano House, 90’s Techno, Italo House, the early UK Garage sound and just about everything in between. 

The drum sounds within ‘Classic House Drum Sounds’ sound truly authentic, there’s no crystal digital drums, instead a little dirt, some sharp frequencies and the odd vinyl crackle which makes these vintage house drum sounds refreshingly iconic. Included in the sound pack are hi hats, kicks, percussion, snares and misc sounds including vinyl crackle and vocal stabs. To finish the classic house drum pack off we also included ‘Instruments’, a select collection of oldskool chord stabs and instrumental one shots.

All in ‘Classic House Drum Sounds’ is a breath of fresh air in the digital music world, it’s a nod the early clubbing scene of the 90’s and your go to drum library for anything classic, authentic and truly organic.

Hi Hats - 60
Instruments - 27
Kicks - 64
Misc - 20
Percussion - 35
Snares - 61

Files - Audio: 267
Type - Audio: 24-Bit 44.1-Khz
Info - Key: No
Info - Bpm: No
Zip Size: 18 MB

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