Alert & Alarm FX


Tired of hearing the same alarm and alert fx in Movies, Games, TV Shows and even Music productions? We definitely were so we decided to something about it, and after weeks in the studio we came up with an awe inspiring collection of command sounds that are completely fresh and new. We went back to basics and built all these alarm sound effects from scratch using experimental synthesis and finally sculpting the sounds with classic outboard hardware to give the final sound effects a very high end finish. Each FX sound has been made in 24-Bit 96 Khz Wav to ensure the clarity fits even the biggest Blockbuster and with each style of alert sound effect or alarm fx separated by category we have ensured an easy browsing experience. We’ve covered everything from both intermittent and constant alarms and alerts through to distorted, broken, bass heavy and even a section of futuristic scanner fx sounds for the ultimate control collection.

“Alert & Alarm FX” covers every type of notification sound you could possibly need including high tech interface sound effects, alert beeps, control buttons, system alerts, confirmation beeps, futuristic alert calculations, emergency alarms, impending alerts, attack alarms and much much more. This sound pack has been mainly designed to cover a multitude of scenarios with futuristic fx sounds taking the lead but you’ll also find alarm fx and alert sounds which fit perfectly for all electrical devices, major systems in companies or buildings and newly created devices in both Movies and Games. Each sound within “Alerts & Alarm FX” has been meticulously crafted to ensure a brand new collection of sound fx that bring a breath of fresh air into what was a stale compilation of alert sounds and alarm fx which have been used and abused for many years.

We are so sure you’re going to love this fx pack that once you’ve heard the select few alarm sound effect and alert fx into the preview you’ll be grabbing this ZenFX pack within minutes.

All alert fx sounds and alarm fx samples within “Alert & Alarm FX” are 100% royalty free. Once purchased you can use all these fx sounds in your tracks, movies, games and TV programs.

Alarms - Broken - 10
Alarms - Constant - 52
Alarms - Distorted - 42
Alarms - Intermittent - 113
Alarms - Synth - 12
Alarms & Alerts - Bass Heavy - 14
Alerts - Constant - 57
Alerts - Intermittent Singular - 29
Alerts - Intermittent - 121
Scanner FX - 50

Please Note: The preview contains background noise to ensure correct use of this preview

Files - Audio: 500
Type - Audio: 24-Bit 96-Khz
Zip Size: 2.3 GB
Info - Key: No
Info - Bpm: No

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