80s Synths For Serum


Xfer Serum is simply one of the best synths out there, combine that with Zenhiser’s latest 80’s sounds and you have a renowned synth capable of punching it’s weight with some of the best retro synths ever released. Taking inspiration from the golden era of synthesiser sound design ‘80s Synths For Serum’ adds a retro element of audio, continuing the legacy of 80s legends.

Inside the pack you’ll find heroic sounds ranging from the early pioneers of synth revolution to 80s New Wave and Synth Pop. Inspired by the likes of Giorgio Moroder, Nile Rodgers, Prince & Trevor Horn these presets will transport your tracks into the current 80s revival trend with absolute ease. ’80s Synth For Serum’ covers the essentials you’ll need including super bright keys, nostalgic leads, warm pads, analogue bass, sweeping strings, essential apps, quirky fx and distinguished bells. This treasure chest of 80s synth heaven envelops everything that was magical about that music scene and to showcase just how incredible these 80s presets are we’ve included 3 ridiculously good songs with all stems and midi. But don’t be fooled, these presets work beautifully with a multitude of other genres including House, Progressive House, Trance and even Melodic Techno.

No need to pinch yourself, Xfer Serum is now an authentic 80’s powerhouse, so download ‘80s Synths For Serum’ today, you’ll never look back.

Please note: These are presets for Xfer Serum Synth only

Song Starters - 03 (includes full mix previews, drums, basslines, fx, brass, leads, bells, strings, pads, Vox, midi & keys) - 48
Presets - 80s Arps - 11
Presets - 80s Bass Long - 05
Presets - 80s Bass Short - 15
Presets - 80s Bells - 09
Presets - 80s Brass - 06
Presets - 80s FX - 05
Presets - 80s Keys - 04
Presets - 80s Keys Misc - 07
Presets - 80s Leads - 16
Presets - 80s Pads - 14
Presets - 80s Strings - 06
Presets - 80s Synths - 14
Presets - 80s Vox - 06
Presets - 80s World - 07

Total Samples - 45
Total Midi - 03
Total Presets - 125
Tempo - 92bpm - 115bpm
Unzip Size - 2.2GB

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