80s Retro Drummer


Fresh from the Zenhiser studio comes a 80's drum kit that will simply blow you away. The attention to detail on these 80's drum sounds is second to none and literally took us weeks to produce using the same concept and tricks that were used back in the 80's by high end studios and producers. 80's Retro Drummer is a drum kit that not only sounds like it was created in the eighties but stands up against any modern drum kit. We used analogue and digital tools the same way they were used in the 80's combined with our mastering platform to lift each and every drum sound to a whole new level. 80's Retro Drummer is by far the most authentic sound you can get without any of the incredibly hard work, so in seconds you can be producing 80's inspired beats or simply using the reverb snares in your techno productions, kicks in your tech house tracks or even 80's percussion in your electro house anthem.

Clocking in at just over 390 authentic 80's drum sounds means this sample pack is an all in one pack for all producers and remixers. With styles and techniques used by some of the pioneers of the 80s including Phil Collins, Howard Jones, Depeche Mode, Simple Minds, Duran Duran, Human League, Tears For Fears, Art Of Noise, Steve Winwood and more this is a sample pack with a decade of pure 80's drum history.

As you know by now we are huge fans of the 80's sound and try to push the boundaries in 80's styled samples, with this in mind we are very proud of this 80's drum kit and are sure you will be too. It is the go to sample pack for your 80's drum sounds and a must for nearly all producers and remixers who want some r80's warmth in their drums without any of the hard work involved. When it comes to 80's drum sounds Zenhiser is the place and when it comes to high end quality you won't find an 80's drum kit this good, period.

Want to know what's in this supremely awesome 80's drum kit, well check this out in the specifications.


80's Claps - 27
80's Cymbals - 10
80's Hi Hats - 60
80's Kicks - 70
80's Percussion - 50
80's Rides - 10
80's Rim Shots - 11
80's Shakers & Tambourines - 8
80's Snares - 100
80's Toms - 58

Files - Audio: 394
Type - Audio: 24-Bit 44.1-Khz
Zip Size: 53 MB
Info - Key: No
Info - Bpm: No

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