1981 Drum Beats


Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of 80's drum loops you will find anywhere in the world. The 1980's drum beat series documents the most inspiring and recognisable eighties drum loops from each year and squeezes them into a zip file that oozes 80s goodness. By creating our sample packs year by year, you the producer can decide which part of the eighties decade to use your desired drum loops from and know each 80s beat you have just purchased is perfectly crafted plus looped and bpm tagged in the filename for super ease of use.

We didn't scrimp on the quality either, every 80's drum loop is 24bit 48khz stereo wav and mastered to perfection. Also every drum loop has multiple takes including full 80's beat, no kick beat and stripped down versions which will suit your breakdowns, drops or just about anywhere you need a change in groove.

Starting with 1981 was a no brainer, this is where the eighties music revolution began and changed electronic music forever, and guess what, we've captured the very best 80s drum beats from that year, just for you! Simply drop one of these drum loops into your tracks and feel that retro goodness resonate through the whole production. 1981 Drum Beats is simply instant cool, so check out the preview, grab the sample pack and we're sure you'll be back for even more 1980's beat packs.

Don't forget to have a listen to the rest of our 80's sample range, it's probably the largest you will ever here and includes 80's Electro Beats, 80's Drum Sounds even a couple of 80's Drum Kits. So what are you waiting for, stop reading this and get your uber eighties fix from Zenhiser!

Contains: 39 80's beats totalling 133 drum loops

Files - Audio: 133
Type - Audio: 24-Bit 48-Khz
Zip Size: 269 MB
Info - Key: No
Info - Bpm: Yes

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