Stereo Love


’Stereo Love’ is a rare blend of handcrafted samples, original vocals and sublime melodies, meticulously mastered to provide a sonic world of opportunity free from the restraints of times barriers. Picking elements from multiple decades of music this 80’s inspired gem includes beautiful vocals, harmonic guitars, expansive chords, sublime pads, rich bass, elegant drums and much more.

The foundation of this all-inclusive sample library is the exemplary song starters, bringing a wealth of customisation to your tracks with individual stems bounced and mastered to perfection. Whether it’s acoustic guitars, dreamy pads, percussion only stems, wet vocals, dry vocals, basslines or FX, ‘Stereo Love’ gives you the insight and the tools to construct outstanding tracks. Additionally this library provides a comprehensive full mix loop section, including even more seductive vocals, vintage synth lines, heart warming chord structures, graceful drum loops and lux basslines. The freedom to explore your own musical journey is at the forefront of Zenhiser’s layout process, that’s why we also include a selective array of dignified drum sounds and associated Midi giving you all the tools you need in one premium sample library.

‘Stereo Love’ joins Zenhiser’s catalogue of prime libraries, pushing boundaries in size and quality. With over 5GB of content and perfectly suited for Chill Pop, Dreamwave, Synthwave and House producers, this pack encapsulates the eclectic mix of 80’s instrumentation and laid back vocal styles.

Song Starters (Stems) - 05 (includes full mix previews, vocal stems, drums, basslines, bells, pads, fx, guitar, arp) - 65
Drum Hits - 01 Kicks - 05
Drum Hits - 02 Claps - 04
Drum Hits - 03 Snares - 07
Loops - Basslines - 27
Loops - Drum Beats - 79
Loops - Full Mix - 25
Loops - Midi - 37
Loops - Synths & Instruments - 65
Loops - Vocals - 53
Vocal Ad-libs - Oh Yeah - 08
Vocal Ad-libs - Various Words - 38

Total Samples - 365
Total Midi - 48
Total Presets - 0
Tempo - 114bpm - 123bpm
Info - Key: Yes
Unzip Size - 5.1GB
Zip Size: 3.6GB

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