Organic Chill


Inspired by the incredibly diverse range of tones, textures and instruments Organic Chill delivers a unique sound to you tracks that sets it apart from the masses. Using today’s production techniques with abstract vocals and diverse instruments has culminated in a sample pack completely different from the norm. It’s time to forget what you’ve heard before and indulge in the tools that will spur your productions to new heights.

This bespoke collection of samples, vox, stems and midi explores multiple continents, ancient traditions, worldly sounds and complex instruments to offer a new edge for your music. Beyond question Organic Chill cannot be nailed down to one genre, it explores Downtempo, Psy Chill, Lounge, World Music, Drum n Bass, Chilled & Ambient making it’s presence ideal for an overabundance of producers. Using a range of sonic tools by brother and sister duo Micha Jaric ( aka Freaked Frequency ) & Jovana Jaric, Organic Chill lends deeply along live instruments including expertly recorded live drums, flute, violin, trumpet, bagpipes, oud, electric guitar, qanoun, hang drums, armenian duduk, electric piano, zourna, acoustic guitar and much much more. The wealth of exemplary live sounds combined with digital instruments explores areas of downtempo music until now only available to top end producers. This varied collection of inspiring sounds has been forged in stem format combing over 7GB of concepts with a wealth of material that can be custom used dependent on the volume of individual sounds you wish to use. The treasure trove also includes a selection of midi, sky rocketing your tracks and sonic design to new heights.

All downtempo samples within Organic Chill have been recorded in 24-Bit Wav, name tagged for ease of use, bpm tagged for compatibility and folder’d to deliver 10 pivotal songs you can put together today and create masterpieces within hours. Midi is included as standard and all zips have been generously compressed to reduce download time. Sometimes we release a pack that defies the current boundaries of music production, Organic Chill is this sample pack.

Song Starters - 10 Audio (includes full mixes, drums, chords, electric guitars, synths, violins, qanoun, oud, saz, pads, accordions, vocals and more) - 113
Song Starters - 10 Midi (includes bass, accordion, pads, pianos, hang drum, violin, synth, arp and more) - 57

Total Samples - 113
Total Midi - 57
Tempo - 80bpm - 110bpm
Info - Key: Yes
Unzip Size - 7.6GB
Zip Size: 4.4GB

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