Vital: Trance Hi Hats


The Vital Trance series takes another step toward Trance domination with a collection of Trance Hi Hats that will blow your socks off. Thought you wouldn’t get excited about just a pack of hi hat samples, well think again. “Vital: Trance Hi Hats” picks up where others have left off, a dedicated sample pack of truly inspiring hi hat sounds for Trance, Progressive House, Progressive Trance and EDM. When you’re looking for something specific, focused and professional then the Vital series is for you. Rather than jam a pack full of sounds, loops, presets and the kitchen sink we decided to take a step back and offer producers one pack that covered one sound and did it exceptionally well. With “Vital: Trance Hi Hats” we went back to the drawing board, thought long and hard what Trance producers would want then came up with this, 290 outstanding Trance hi hat sounds. Sounds pretty simple right, well think again. We’ve included one shot hi hat sounds including open hats, closed hats, rides and even crashes. This give you the producer an exceptional array of sounds to program in your drum tracks. But what about producers that spend endless hours trying to get the right hat pattern, well we’ve thought about you too and supplied hi hat loops in two bpm’s, 128bpm for the current Trance trend and 138bpm for all Trance producers who like a little more speed. Every Trance hi hat loop within the pack is mastered to perfection and looped just right so you can drop these into your tracks for instant hi end satisfaction.

“Vital: Trance Hi Hats” is one of those Zenhiser packs you’ll use once, then in every future track, and you’ll be asking yourself in months to come, “What did I do before this pack!”

The Vital series was born out of necessity, a need for dedicated libraries of Trance drum sounds that simply do not exist in studios worldwide, until today.

Please note: The preview contains basslines, synth lines, kicks, snares and fx for illustrative purposes only.

Trance Crashes - 25
Trance Hi Hat Loops 128bpm - 20
Trance Hi Hat Loops 138bpm - 20
Trance Hi Hats - Closed - 100
Trance Hi Hats - Open - 100
Trance Rides - 25

Files - Audio: 290
Type - Audio: 24-Bit Wav
Info - Key: No
Info - Bpm: Yes
Zip Size: 47 MB

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