Devine Melodies


Ever heard a collection of samples that can send tingles down your spine, make every hair on your body stand on end? Well step inside an unimaginable vault of powerful melodies, heart melting hooks and euphoric drops. Zenhiser has pulled out all the stops creating a sonic event that will last the test of time. With Devine Melodies you have the ability to cross multiple genres with ease including Drum & Bass, Trance, Breaks, House, EDM, Dubstep and more. Forged from our natural instincts to desire beauty, love, harmony and ethereal moments this sample collection will transform your next productions to a serotonin overload!

Inside Devine Melodies you’ll find 40 hooks and drops deconstructed into 288 samples ranging from intoxicating melodies to utterly mind blowing euphoria. Formatted for instant use this modular sample library is bursting full of inspiration that can sub divided to your requirements. Crammed full of punchy beats, majestic synths, extraordinary basslines and out of this world melodies ensures this sample pack will deliver again and again and ……. again.

All loops and samples are available for download in 24-Bit Wav with bpm of the melodies ranging from 142 - 176bpm. This is one sample pack you must not miss, a quick listen of the preview is the only thing required.

Basslines - 43
Full Mix Loops - 40
FX Loops - 40
Synth Loops - 80
Drum Beats - 80
Guitar Loops - 3
Piano Loops - 1

Files - Audio: 288
Type - Audio: 24-Bit Wav
Info - Key: 142 - 176bpm
Info - Bpm: Yes
Zip Size: 2.0 GB

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