‘Starlights’ is a pack we refuse to categorise. It sits perfectly in its own realm, refusing to be segregated by any specific genre. Instead this collection stands proud in minimalistic elegance, showcasing an understated array of captivating sounds and loops that will draw you in, under its spell.

Taking elements from Electronica, Deep House, Progressive House, Melodic Techno and more it creates a sample pack of unparalleled proportions. Tasteful restraint, ethereal melodies combined with delicate nuances and effortless simplicity makes this pack shine bright, very bright. It’s that sonic cuddle, the hand on the shoulder that tells you, “everything is going to be ok, you’ve got this’. Sometimes that’s all we need to hear whilst plodding away in the studio, instead of frolicking aimlessly for hours with no direction in sight.

We don’t need to list the specifications of this pack with fancy descriptions, the preview alone will imbue you with enchanting grace, unfolding a spell of mesmerising audio goodness available for immediate use.

’Starlights’ is a testament to the beauty that can be found in musical journeys. Its refined charm and delicate timbres had us spellbound from the moment we heard the first musical loop. It will do the same for you.

Bass synth loops - 50
Drum loops - 155
Music loops - 50
Synth loops - 164

Bass synth loops - 50
Synth & lead loops - 66
Synth one shots - 30

One Shots 
Bass one shots - 27
Drums - hit hat - 17
Drums - kick - 31
Drums - percussion - 83
Drums - ride - 03
Drums - shaker - 24
Drums - snare - 48
FX one shots - 51
Synth one shots - 31

Total Samples - 734

Total Midi - 146

Total Presets - 0

Tempo - 114bpm - 120bpm 
Key Info - Yes
Audio - 24-Bit Wav
Unzip Size - 2.7GB
Zip Size - 2.4GB

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