Classic 90's Synths


As you should know Zenhiser is not just about the now, it’s the past, present and future, that’s what makes our sample catalogue so exciting. We’ve already covered the NY 90’s House sound but this time we’re going bigger, the whole 90’s club sound from London to New York, Ibiza to Australia. This is the decade where piano’s and organ’s reigned supreme, grooves swung like no other time and Garage emerged from the UK House scene. It’s the decade where most of us got our stylish groove on, euphoric piano stabs reverberated through every nook of the clubs, house ruled the airwaves and dance music set it’s feet in stone. With such an important decade and the 90’s sound making a big come back we had to deliver an inspiring collection of synth loops that captured the 90’s house explosion.

We’ve packed Classic 90s Synths with 93 original synth loops including piano loops, organ hooks, string lines and synth hooks. There are multiple variations of some synth lines which means a delivery of 211 synth samples in total making this Zenhiser pack ideal for people who want the option to tweak or alter their lines. With so many sexy samples from the Nineties club sound can you honestly not buy this pack, it’s your responsibility as someone who spent the decade on the dance floor’s or as a producer who wants to inject this groove tastic sound into their tracks.

Piano samples - 72 loops
Organ samples - 28 loops
Synth samples - 96 loops
String samples - 15 loops

Total Files - 211 samples
Info - Key: Yes
Info - Bpm: Yes
Zip - 499 mb

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