Progressive House Drums


The back bone to any EDM track is the drums, they need to be floor pounding, eq’d and compressed to perfection with just enough swing to give chart topping appeal. “Progressive House Drums” delivers all plus much more, not only does this Zenhiser pack include 60 drum beats with multiple variations totalling 180 progressive house drum beats but also a wealth of solid drum sounds including essential kicks, huge percussions and confident claps.

These Progressive House drum sounds and drum beats are as fresh as they get, they have that distinctive Zenhiser sound and fit well ahead of the curve. Every producer needs a new, fresh collection of drums to punch new life into their tracks and today, this is the sample pack will do it. Inspired by the future sound of EDM and Progressive House these drum sounds will not disappoint. Simply load the beats into audio tracks or the drum sounds to your sampler and let the samples do the work for you. These drum sounds were created for maximum impact so if you’re looking to pound the dance floors, watch peoples hearts pumping out of their chest and create a cocoon of drum awesomeness then this is the drum pack for you.

There’s no rules, no regulations with “Progressive House Drums”, these epic drum sounds and drum beats are complete drum control at your fingertips, and be warned with kick drums this pounding, percussion to die for and claps that slap like no other you’ll have just as much fun creating beats as using the drum loops for instant success.

Please note: The preview contains white noise riser fx and delay crash fx for illustrative purposes only.

Drum Beats - 180
Drums - Kicks - 10
Drums - Percussion - 80
Drums - Claps - 10

Files - Audio: 280
Type - Audio: 24-Bit 44.1-Khz
Info - Key: No
Info - Bpm: Yes
Zip Size: 165 MB

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