Future Drum Alchemy


Injecting new flair into an unpredictable sound, Future Drum Alchemy delivers a diverse drum sound catalogue for producers of Future Bass, Trap, Progressive House, Synth Pop, EDM and much more. Initially designed to for-fill your Future Bass needs this gorgeous drum sound source stretched the boundaries and seeped it’s magical charm inside many of today’s finest genres. Packed with warmth, soulful drum hits this overflowing drum alchemy will transform your productions to another level.

Inside the impressive pack you will find a sonic spectrum of lush hi hats, effortless kicks, perfectly pitched percussion, catchy snares, deep fx and a miscellaneous section to tantalise your ear drums. For fans of intricately tight rhythms this drum sound collection is perfect, dedicating it’s prowess to high end drum sounds only ensures a pack that get’s right to the point. The level of production is incredibly high with intense focus on sonic clarity, inspiring waveforms and instant gratification.

All drum sounds included are 100% royalty free and come in 24-bit Wav format. Please note, the preview includes synth and basslines for illustrative purposes only. Sometimes drums need imagination, forward thinking and attention, but every once in a while they work right out of the box. Download now and take advantage of Future Drum Alchemy.

FX - 39
Hi Hats - 75
Kicks - 70
Misc - 23
Snares - 73
Percussion - 69

Unzip Size - 88 MB
Zip Size: 69 MB

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