Rattle - Drum & Bass


We’re so on the DnB love train at the moment, knocking the hard hitting packs out the park whilst filling you Drum & Bass aficionados with as much amour and passion as possible. 

‘Ratlle - Drum & Bass’ comes in all guns blazing with some outrageously deep basslines, chattery beats, syncopated fx and hypnotic leads. It’s one fo those packs that transcends genres making it perfectly suited to Deep D&B, Foghorn DnB, Neurofunk, Liquid and Tech-step. Envision the sound of labels including Critical, Overview, Dispatch, Hospital, RAM and Shogun Audio to get a representation of this DnB sample pack feels. A solid chunk of classic synthware and outboard has been exploited including gear form Korg, Access. Moog and Beyerdynamic. As with all newer Zenhiser sample packs we’ve fine tuned the folder arrangements to suit all tastes and levels. Stems for those wanting to get some instant gratification, loops to give your inspiration a kick up the butt, one shots, drum sounds and fx for the purist and some always important midi future proofing the pack whilst giving your equipment in the studio some time to shine.  

For those on the hunt of that true, lifelong partner ‘Rattle - Drum & Bass’ will be there for you through thick and thin. 5am, there for you, 11pm, still waiting for you in the studio. There isn’t a time you can pick it won’t be there for you. Voila, the lifelong partner you need.

Song Starters (Stems) x5
Includes leads, midi, drums, basslines, fills, fx, impacts, risers, chords, drones - 56
Drum Hits - 01 Kick - 25
Drum Hits - 02 Hi Hat - 26
Drum Hits - 03 Snare - 25
Drum Hits - 04 Percussion - 25
Loops - Bassline - 25
Loops - Drum Beat - 77
Loops - Full Mix - 25
Loops - Midi - 28
Loops - Synth - 71
One Shots - Bass - 45
One Shots - FX - 45
One Shots - Synth - 28

Total Samples - 462
Total Midi - 39
Total Presets - 0
Tempo - 172bpm
Key Info - Yes

Audio - 24-Bit Wav
Unzip Size - 3.3GB
Zip Size - 2.3GB

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