Arouse - Drum & Bass

Ooh, you DnB heads have so been waiting so long for this! It’s been a minute since our last Drum & Bass release but this was so worth the wait. ‘Arouse’ grabs Liquid, Rollers and Minimal DnB to create something truly special.

Delve behind the walls and you’ll be graced with over 3GB of Drum & Bass sample content ranging from snappy drum sounds to basslines that will shake your fillings loose. Beats roll, leads are super tight, fx swirl, one shots amaze, plus there’s a bunch of midi to develop your production skills too. This really is the quintessential DnB sample pack. Think along the lines of V Recordings, 31 Recordings, The North Quarter & 1985.

So if you feel the need for some new juice in your tracks, a little pep in your step, or maybe something to rock loose the screws in your studio chair, then this sound pack is for you. This is your one stop shop for Drum & Bass guidance and serotonin support.

Bass synth loops - 50
Drum loops - 150
Music loops - 50
Synth loops - 252

Bass synth loops - 50
Synth loops - 126

One Shots 
Bass one shots - 25
Drums - hi hat - 25 
Drums - kick - 25
Drums - percussion - 25
Drums - snare - 25
FX one shots - 25
Synth one shots - 25

Total Samples - 677

Total Midi - 176

Total Presets - 0

Tempo - 174bpm 
Key Info - Yes

Audio - 24-Bit Wav
Unzip Size - 3.1GB
Zip Size - 2.7GB

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