Lofi Chillsynth

Imagine a world of pastel raindrops, a smile from every passerby, and music that drifts from lamp posts. The sun is shining positive neon rays every day. This is ‘Lofi Chillsynth’.

A near 2GB of hazy downtempo sounds perfectly blended with Synthwave heavy melodica. This collection resonates on so many levels. It’s packed to the brim with utterly gorgeous starting points for your songs. We believe this will become your go to pack for a long time coming.

The drums are a bit crunchy, the synths hazey, basslines sound sublime. This is the perfect combination to create sun-drenched productions. Think along the lines of A.l.i.s.o.n, HOME and Memorex Memories.

We can near guarantee that you’ll drift into a dream spiral whilst using these samples, and that’s a bloody good thing. Escaping into a musical world is what us producers aspire to do, just sometimes, we need a little help getting there.

Atmosphere loops - 10
Bass synth loops - 25
Drum loops - 117
Music loops - 25
Synth loops - 184

Atmosphere loops - 10
Bass synth loops - 24
Synth & lead loops - 91

One Shots 
Bass one shots - 15
Drum fills - 07
Drums - claps - 15
Drums - crash - 10
Drums - hi hat closed - 15

Drums - hi hat open - 15
Drums - kick - 15
Drums - percussion - 15
Drums - snare - 15
FX one shots - 12
Synth one shots - 15

Total Samples - 510

Total Midi - 125

Total Presets - 0

Tempo - 90bpm - 110bpm 
Key Info - Yes
Audio - 24-Bit Wav
Unzip Size - 1.6B
Zip Size - 1.8GB

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