80s Beats ReWorked


As you probably know by now here at Zenhiser we are big fans of the 80's sound and it wouldn't be right to go a few months without a new exciting new 80's Zenhiser pack for you guys to muck around with. So without anymore fancy waffling we would like to introduce 80's Beats Re-Worked. The idea behind this latest sample pack was to create a new 80s drum beat library that sounded like all those classic 80's beats you remember but adapt both the drum sounds and patterns to create something exciting whilst making you think, "where have I heard that beat from". With this new concept in mind we spent weeks locked away in the Zenhiser studio creating a new 80's drum kit (it's an absolute stunner, 80's Retro Drummer, check it out) with all the bells and whistles bounced and mastered within the eighties drum sounds. Then we set off to make a timeless collection of 80's drum loops that would stand the test of time. After another hard few weeks in the Zenhiser studio programming, cutting and mastering each drum loop we developed this exterordinerilly crafty sample pack of 80's drum loops that will instantly inject something retro and fresh into your tracks. 

The sample pack contains 50 80's inspired drum beats, all with at least three versions, the full loop, the full loop without kick and the stripped down version for breakdowns, build ups and tension moments. All recorded in 24 bit wav goodness, looped perfectly with the bpm added to the file name makes using these 80's beats an absolute breeze. So if your looking for something new that sounds old and hasn't been heard before (makes sense in our heads) then these drum loops are for you. Check out the preview to hear just how crisp and authentic these 80's beats sound and we're sure they'll be in your shopping cart by the end of the preview. We even started with the slow beats and worked up in bpm to give you an idea of the broad range these 80's beats can be used for. Aaaah, Zenhiser is the 80's God!


Files - Audio: 150
Type - Audio: 24-Bit 44.1-Khz
Zip Size: 372 MB
Info - Key: No
Info - Bpm: Yes

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