Studio Essentials - Psytrance


When it comes to full on Psytrance samples Zenhiser has you covered. " Studio Essentials - Psytrance " is the latest addition to the Studio Essentials series, delivering what is possibly one of the most dynamic and encompassing array of psytrance sounds and loops. Built from the ground up using a multitude of new synth and fx styles these psytrance samples are like nothing you've heard before. Focusing solely on the full psytrance sound this studio essentials pack has just about every sound you could possibly need to turn your studio into a psytrance palace.  Offering immediate glorification with incredible basslines, high end drum sounds, mind boggling fx, infectious synth hits and monstrous synth loops. Covering just over 640 samples and loops with a compressed size of 984 mb this is an essential array of psytrance samples for both the seasoned professional producer through to bedroom producers just starting out. There is so much in this sample pack that you haven't heard before so just check out the preview to know what we are talking about. Even the drum sound folders cover 11 different areas including percussion, sfx, toms, cymbals and bitz, yes you heard right bitz!

As with all sample packs in the studio essentials series we've set the price point at $34.99 AUD with all samples having key information where needed and loops with bpm information in the filename. All synth loops and basslines are looped perfectly for instant use and the quality of all samples are second to none.

Drum Beats -  121 loops
Drums - Kicks - 23 samples
Drums - Hi Hats - 25 samples
Drums - Claps - 14 samples
Drums - Snares - 17 samples
Drums - Toms - 12 samples
Drums - Percussion - 36 samples
Drums - Ethnic - 30 samples
Drums - Shakers - 08 samples
Drums - Cymbals - 23 samples
Drums - SFX - 33 samples
Drums - Bitz - 42 samples
FX - 72 samples
FX Loops - 23 samples
Synth Hits - 44 samples
Synth Loops - 88 samples

Files - Audio: 641
Type - Audio: 24-Bit 44.1-Khz
Info - Key: Yes
Info - Bpm: Yes
Zip Size: 986 MB

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