Studio Essentials - Minimal Tech


Sometimes you just need a sample pack that will cover your genre, give you synth loops and basslines for quick inspiration, a large drum beat database, all the drum sounds you need to create your own beats, bass hits for instant bottom end goodness, an fx folder and synth hits for quick use and the creative flair. Welcome to "Studio Essentials" from Zenhiser.

Minimal & Minimal Tech is a certain type of sound that is hard to learn, you've got to be lighter on your sounds than full on dance productions, deliver intrinsic basslines, never be too hooky with your synths and always add a little less than a little more. With that in mind we created "Studio Essentials - Minimal Tech", a perfect snapshot of the current minimal tech sound created with extremely high end quality and detail as to give you the finest stock collection of Minimal and Minimal Tech for your studio. This Studio Essentials sample pack delivers all and much more for the serious tech head, but hey don't take our word for it, check out just how good the preview is to know exactly what we're talking about.

"Studio Essentials - Minimal Tech" weighs in at 741 samples and loops totalling just over 500mb in size. So what's in the sample pack, click below for more information.

Bass Hits - 30
Basslines - 50
Drum Beats - 150
Drums - Kicks - 20
Drums - Hi Hats - 20
Drums - Snares - 25
Drums - Big Snares - 20
Drums - Toms - 20
Drums - Percussion - 17
FX - Deck Stop Hits - 11
FX - Drum Glitches - 20
FX - Synth Glitches - 10
FX - Vox Glitches - 30
FX - Various - 40
Snare Drum Rolls - 9
Synth Hits - 30
Synth Loops - 80

Files - Audio: 577
Type - Audio: 24-Bit 44.1-Khz
Info - Key: Yes
Info - Bpm: Yes
Zip Size: 549 MB

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