Impulse - Techno

We’re pushing Techno boundaries with a collection of samples, loops, stems, midi and one shots that seamlessly fluctuates between melodic and driving. Think along the lines of exemplary labels, Filth on Acid, Factory93, and Drumcode for a taster into these sounds.

Inside the pack you’ll be greeted with huge array of Techno goodness, enough to keep you occupied long enough in the studio that your friends could possibly send out a search party. Little do they know that the party in your ears is way better than anything they could have imagined.

This collection really is a wealth of production sparkle, enhancing and inspiring your tracks in ways you never thought possible. Want to let Zenhiser take the reins? No probs, import some of the stems. Have a rhythm but no melodic ideas? We’ve go you covered with music loops and the individual parts. Beats aren’t pounding enough? Zenhiser to the rescue with an array of drum sounds you can swap out adding all the punch and crunchiness you need in a matter of seconds. Want to use your own sounds but can’t find the right bassline or synth pattern? Oh yeah, we’re knocking them out with included midi for instant gratification.

‘Impulse’ really is a great pack for Techno producers. Rest assured the kicks are pounding, the percussion dirty, the fx gritty, melodies straight to the point and basslines drive forwards like a precise nuclear clock.

Bass synth loops - 25
Drum loops - 75
Music loops - 25
Synth loops - 61

Bass synth loops - 25
Synth & lead loops - 25

One Shots 
Bass one shots - 25
Drums - clap - 20
Drums - hit hat - 20
Drums - kick - 30
Drums - percussion - 10
Drums - snare - 20
FX one shots - 50
Synth one shots - 25

001 ’darkness’ - 13
002 ‘berghain’ - 13
003 ‘ethereal’ - 13
004 ‘berlin’ - 14
005 ‘pressure’ - 14

Total Samples - 448

Total Midi - 55

Total Presets - 0

Tempo - 130bpm - 135bpm 
Key Info - Yes

Audio - 24-Bit Wav
Unzip Size - 4.3GB
Zip Size - 2.9GB

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