Blaze - Trap

Pushing production boundaries to insane levels, ‘Blaze - Trap’ packs so much grit and presence that you’ll be lucky to not to get neck ache by the end of the preview!

This collection is very much forward thinking covering all bases for Trap and Bass producers. It delves deep into rhythms, basslines, melodies and meticulously crafted loops that any modern day producer will sell their left leg for. Similar in style to labels like Sable Valley, Deadbeats, Wakaan, OWSLA and Quality Goods Records. ‘Blaze - Trap’ really does take glitch and synth design to a new level, its a powerhouse thats gonna be talked about for a very long time.

With it’s own identity, mastered to perfection prowess, sub bass to die for, power chords that punch through any speaker stack and the ability to refresh any dated recording studio with the flick of a wand, this Trap sample pack is truly wizardry. Grab it today and watch your friends ask why you’re smiling so much!

Bass synth loops - 60
Drum loops - 150
Music loops - 50
Synth & vocal loops - 103

Bass synth loops - 49
Synth loops - 51

One Shots 
Bass one shots - 32
Drums - clap - 10
Drums - crash - 02
Drums - hi hat closed - 12
Drums - hi hat open - 11
Drums - kick - 25
Drums - percussion - 26
Drums - snare - 17
FX adlib one shots - 11
FX ambience one shots - 14
FX glitch one shots - 12
FX impact one shots - 10 
FX sweep down one shots - 10
FX sweep up one shots - 09
Synth one shots - 25

Total Samples - 589
Total Midi - 100
Total Presets - 0
Tempo - 120bpm - 160bpm
Key Info - Yes

Audio - 24-Bit Wav
Unzip Size - 1.4GB
Zip Size - 1.1GB

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