Sex Vocal FX


Zenhiser has proudly pushed the sonic boundaries with Sex Vocal FX, a world first collection of exceptional and downright dirty vocals that will scratch your filthiest itch. Focusing heavily on the raunchy side of music seduction these sex sound effects will make Lil Louis “French Kiss” admirers weak at the knees. Packed to the brim with 398 brand new vocals, stems, fx & midi gives this phenomenal pack a podium place for fresh, new X-rated sounds.

The unthinkable has finally been created with Sex Vocal FX, an in depth library of moans, groans, orgasm’s, screams, erotic grunts and vocal phrases that range from sexy and seductive to smutty and utterly lewd. Until now vocals packs like this have been unheard of, producers have always been searching for that steamy collection of sex vocals and now Zenhiser has delivered. Truly unique in quality and style these sex sound effects cover a huge expansive of uses, out there groan fx add depth & character to more unique genres, authentic groans and moans fit perfectly in House, Hip Hop, Trap and more, with our X-rated vocal phrases making any dance floor worldwide stand to attention with your tracks guaranteed to stand out from the rest of the set. We’ve used vocalists that not only sound great but can turn you on within seconds with their expressive, authentic and downright seductive voices. This really is the vocal pack of your wildest desires, 4 song starters including stems & midi get your juices flowing with a plethora of lingerie wrapped sex vocals to make even the most seasoned of producers blush. The vocal arena is now your oyster with the must have collection pornographic ad-libs, phrases and explicit fx. We even kept the preview pretty tame as not to offend but rest assured these sex sound effects get more dirty than you could possibly imagine.

All sex sound fx within the pack are 100% royalty free and available for download in 24-Bit Wav. Tempo & bpm information has been included in file names where applicable and once again we’ve squeezed the files generously to reduce download time. So if you’re looking for sexy, indecent and salacious vocals then look no further than Sex Vocal FX, it will lift your tracks to pornographic levels of epic proportions.

WARNING: Sex Vocal FX contains spoken vocals and phrases that some people may find inappropriate. It includes strong language of sexual content and therefore may only be purchased by producers over the age of 18. If you believe you may be offended by the sexual content of this sample pack we recommend not purchasing.

Song Starters x4 - Audio (Includes individual stems for beats, basslines, instruments, synths, fx & vocals) - 38
Song Starters - Midi - 4
Groans - FX - 34
Groans - FX (Low Bitrate) - 20
Groans - FX (Long) - 22
Misc - FX - 80
Vocal Groans - Session 1 - 54
Vocal Groans - Session 2 - 38
Vocal Phrases - Session 1 - 35
Vocal Phrases - Session 2 - 35
Vocal Phrases - Session 3 (Extreme) - 42

Total Samples - 398
Total Midi - 4
Tempo - 122bpm - 125bpm
Info - Key: Yes
Unzip Size - 1.4GB
Zip Size: 959MB

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