Antiutopia SFX


Antiutopia is an exquisite collection of twisted experimental sounds and thought provoking layers. Produced exclusively to blur the lines between media SFX and sound FX ensures a sample pack with a plethora of creativity. Incorporating one off sounds you simply haven’t heard before creates an array of FX sounds that lift the sonic bar of your future productions. Included in the FX pack is ready to use bass FX. drones, ghost noises, growls, hits, soundscapes, a dedicated SFX library and evolving rhythm loops for maximum flexibility.

We’ve pushed the boundaries with this SFX & FX collection, the sonic clarity is outstanding and with a range of styles from emotionally challenging movements to futuristic motion. The soundscapes evolve through epic journeys, drones pulsate at a anticipated speed, growls attack like nothing you have ever heard before, the hits have all the impact to deliver heart shuddering attacks and the rhythm loops turn this incredible FX pack into something exemplary.

Antiutopia SFX is available to download now in 100% royalty free, 24-Bit Wav format.

Please note: The preview contains sounds from the just the FX pack

Bass - 11
Drones - 62
Ghost Noise - 100
Growl - 7
Hits - 112
Rhythm Loops - 19 (120bpm - 128bpm)
SFX - 100
Soundscapes - 79

Files - Audio: 490
Type - Audio: 24-Bit Wav
Zip Size: 754 MB
Info - Key: Yes
Info - Bpm: Yes

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