Sucker Punch


If you’re looking to delve into a dark, mysterious world of abrasive samples & loops where film scores merge with Neuro / Dubstep, then this is the must have sample library for you. Devised to leave genre categories behind Sucker Punch is suited for all composers, film scores, electronic genres and game designers alike. Fusing dark energy with blends of industrial rhythms has given born to one of Zenhiser’s most intense sample monsters.

The heavy tech sound of Sucker Punch explores uncharted realms of sonic black spots guaranteeing this original sample collection will breathe new, unheard life in your latest tracks. A mixture of advanced synthesis with field recordings has been heavily re-sampled, tweaked and distorted, then passed through multiple FX chains, DSP algorithms and finally mastered to deliver an incredibly unique blend of loops, basslines, beats, drum sounds, one shots and fx. Combined with added midi for all bass and instrument parts Sucker Punch is an all out attack on your senses, the perfect sample pack for your dirty production needs.

This sample library is 100% royalty free and available as 24-Bit Wav. Midi is included where applicable with tempo range of loops at 140bpm. The zip file has been generously squashed to reduce download time.

Basslines - Audio - 30
Basslines - Midi - 30
Drum Beats - 120
Drums - Kicks - 13
Drums - Snares - 10
Drums - Percussion - 92
FX - 104
Instrument Loops - Audio - 60
Instrument Loops - Midi - 30
One Shots - Bass - 28
One Shots - Midi - 20
One Shots - Various - 70

Files - Audio: 547
BPM Range - 140pm
Info - Key: Yes
Unzip Size - 864MB
Zip Size: 790MB

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