EDM Festival Anthems


'Epic EDM Anthems’ are truly huge, mind boggling huge actually, I don’t think we’ve ever given away so many awe inspiring hooks in one pack, it’s literally one hit after the other. Packed full of basslines, arps, leads, synths and pads ‘EDM Festival Anthems’ delivers all the elements separately so you can use as little or as much of a hook as you wish, go full power with everything or make a new lead to suit a specific bassline, the choice is yours!

These EDM samples sound really good right, well now the packs about to lift to a whole new level, we’re supplying all the midi files for this one as well, that means every hook you here in the pack can now be recreated using your own sounds or used as the basis to create your own new exclusive tracks’! EDM Festival Anthems’ is now the ultimate sound and midi tool for lifting your music game and delivering hooks on a whole new level. Just have a listen to the preview, we reckon you won’t even make it to the end without getting ready to press the buy button!

Please note: The preview contains drum beats and drum sounds for illustrative purposes only

EDM Arps - Audio - 46
EDM Basslines - Audio - 45
EDM Leads - Audio - 65
EDM Pads - Audio - 45
EDM Synths - Audio - 83
EDM Arps - Midi - 45
EDM Basslines - Midi - 45
EDM Leads - Midi - 61
EDM Pads - Midi - 45
EDM Synths - Midi - 78

Files - Audio: 284
Files - Midi: 274
Type - Audio: 24-Bit 44.1-Khz
Info - Key: Yes
Info - Bpm: Yes
Zip Size: 619 MB

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