Seductive Future Trap


Do you produce Future Trap, Chilled or anything beautifully melodic? Well this sample pack will transport your tracks to dazzling new heights with an abundance of stimulating loops, impeccable samples, luxurious stems and fundamental midi. Seductive Future Trap is your auditory drug to blissful new heights of sonic excellence, so grab a double dose today to elevate your endorphins beyond ridiculous levels of euphoria.

Inside this sumptuous collection of Future Trap samples you’ll find a comprehensive stockpile of alternative tools including irresistible song starters, heavenly melodies, cloud nine grooves, spaced out one shots, dreamy beats, elated FX, joyful vocal chops and a rapturous selection of full mix loops. That’s not all, Seductive Future Trap pushes your production talents with a captivating array of Midi surpassing standard sample pack expectations. All in this collection totals 4.3GB of next level sounds, that’s a whole chunk of musical excellence ready to be exploited. So if you’re looking for a chunk of inspiration, delivering refreshing new ideas to your studio’s depository then Seductive Future Trap is the production armoury you’ve been searching for. 

This royalty free sample pack is ready to download in 24-Bit Wav with all Midi included as standard. Once again the genius tech guys at Zenhiser have managed to reduce zip files to nearly half their uncompressed size. Download these Future Trap samples quickly and add that final polish your future tracks need.

Song Starters - 5 (includes full mixes, midi, drums, synths, pads, plucks, fx, snare rolls, vocal leads, percussion, guitars and more) - 66
Drums - 01 Kicks - 15
Drums - 02 Hi Hats - 20
Drums - 03 Claps - 15
Drums - 04 Snares - 15
Drums - 05 Percussion - 20
Drums - 06 Cymbals - 15
Loops - Basslines - 25
Loops - Drum Beats - 53
Loops - Full Mix - 25
Loops - Instruments & Vox  - 74
Loops - Midi - 25
Loops - Synth - 50
One Shots - Bass - 11
One Shots - FX - 35
One Shots - Synth - 15

Total Samples - 449
Total Midi - 30
Tempo - 90bpm - 160bpm
Info - Key: Yes
Unzip Size - 4.3GB
Zip Size: 2.6GB

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