Chilled Drum Academy


Zenhiser’s choice for warm lush beats is Chilled Drum Academy, a spiritual collection of soulful drum sounds and blissed out drum loops perfectly packaged to deliver an almost instantaneous back drop for your next track. This sample pack is a stunning collection of loops, samples and midi solely devoted to exploring the seamless link between organic drums and ambient electronic sounds.  

Within the pack you can expect to find an immeasurable amount of natural beats ranging from 80 - 174bpm, covering dreamy genres including Ambient, Chill-out, Chill House, Deep House, Breaks, DnB and more. A cacophony of delicate chilled drum sounds including alternate drum foley samples recorded exclusively for the pack immerses your senses in new sonic frontiers and compliments the rest the pack perfectly. Drifting seamlessly through multiple genres makes Chilled Drum Academy accessible for so many audio tastes, plus with the added bonus of midi for all drum beats your true programming potential is about to sky rocket. This dreamlike pack also includes audio stems and associated midi for all the preview / demo making this 1.4GB drum pack an indispensable addition to your studio.

All loops and samples in this sample library are 100% royalty free and available for immediate download in 24-Bit Wav. Drum Beats are foldered by bpm with bpm information included within the filename. Download now and add something inspirational to your drum tracks!

Drum Loops 80bpm - 30
Drum Loops 90bpm - 30
Drum Loops 110bpm - 30
Drum Loops 125bpm - 30
Drum Loops 140bpm - 30
Drum Loops 150bpm - 30
Drum Loops - 174bpm - 30
Drum Loops Midi 80bpm - 30
Drum Loops Midi 90bpm - 30
Drum Loops Midi 110bpm - 30
Drum Loops Midi 125bpm - 30
Drum Loops Midi 140bpm - 30
Drum Loops Midi 150bpm - 30
Drum Loops - Midi 174bpm - 30
Drum Sounds - 01 Kicks - 10
Drum Sounds - 02 Hi Hats - 13
Drum Sounds - 03 Claps - 10
Drum Sounds - 04 Snares - 15
Drum Sounds - 05 Percussion - 12
Drum Sounds - 06 Drum Foley - 70
Bonus - Raw Foley - 20
Preview Audio Stems + Midi - 29

BPM Range - 80 - 174bpm
Files - Audio: 385
Files - Midi: 214
Type - Audio: 24-Bit Wav
Info - Key: Yes
Info - Bpm: 80 - 174bpm
Zip Size: 1.0GB
Unzip Size - 1.4 GB

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