Sacred Stems


An absolutely stunning collection of truly authentic, worldly stems from around the globe. ‘Sacred Stems’ features a wealth of traditional sounds from Africa, Asia, the Balkan and South East Asia. Combing these authentic ethnic instruments with today’s current sound has created a bespoke high end pack of unimaginable proportions.

This melting pot of Organic House, Oriental House, Afro House, Deep House & Tech House features a vast 119 stem collection deconstructing to 10 absolutely original songs. Providing incredible speed and productivity to your tracks, “Sacred Stems” sits perfectly with labels like Sol Selectas, Earthly Delights, Under Your Skin and Ritual Records. The 6.5GB time bomb from Zenhiser captures a vast array of instruments including flutes, durums, guitars, sitars, ouds, kalimbas, berimbaus and kalimba. Immaculately played and recorded this pack will stand the test of time but with exceptionally beautiful vocals recorded exclusively for this sound pack as well, you now have access to a immensely broad collection of unique sounds that will inject life, culture and allure into your future tracks.

These ethnic sounds are royalty free and a no brainer for producers who praise the sound of Tebra, Hraach, Be Svendsen, Mario Bianco, Space Motion and Anatolian Sessions. So what are you waiting for!

Song Starters - 10 (includes full mix previews, drums, vocals, basslines, flutes, durum, guitar, sitar, oud, kalimba, berimbau, kalimba, midi and more) - 129

Total Samples - 119
Total Midi - 10
Tempo - 115bpm - 122bpm
Info - Key: Yes
Unzip Size - 6.5GB
Zip Size: 4.2GB

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