Vibrate - Drum & Bass


Just when you thought you had enough Drum n Bass samples, we release a pack that makes you rethink your whole producing structure. Any Drum & Bass enthusiast is going to go ballistic once they hear what’s within the boundaries of this collection.

‘Vibrate - Drum & Bass’ was designed with the deeper and darker side of Drum & Bass in mind, fusing Techstep Techno Drum & Bass and Liquid Funk with the more soulful side of DnB, making a new monster in sample artillery. Think of Alix Perez, Skeptical, Gyrofield, Ewol, Hyroglifics and Calibre to get on track, but to really understand the feel and value of this pack you need to listen to the preview. Trust us, you’ll be sold by donating the demo only three minutes of your time.

Crafted from the ground up, this near 6GB goliath of a pack showcases a plethora of options including, dark fully fledged song stems, rolling beats, rugged grooves, deep basslines, tight drum sounds, snappy fx and a whole chunk of midi and more. With everything ranging from 172bpm - 175bpm these loops, sounds, stems and midi are perfect for nearly all sub genres of DnB. So don’t miss your chance to add these dominant tools to your sample collection, seize ‘Vibrate - Drum & Bass’ today to propel your skills to stratospheric levels.

Song Starters (Stems) x5
Includes midi, drums, bass, pads, tops, percussion, strings, stabs, plucks, sweeps, fx - 60
Drum Hits - 01 Kick - 26
Drum Hits - 02 Snare - 25
Drum Hits - 03 Hi Hat - 50
Drum Hits - 04 Percussion - 49
Loops - Bassline - 25
Loops - Drum Beat - 77
Loops - Full Mix - 25
Loops - FX - 44
Loops - Midi - 31
Loops - Synth & Instrument Loop - 70
One Shots - FX - 33
One Shots - Bass - 59
One Shots - Synth - 45

Total Samples - 583
Total Midi - 36
Total Presets - 0
Tempo - 172bpm - 175bpm
Key Info - Yes

Audio - 24-Bit Wav
Unzip Size - 5.8GB
Zip Size - 4.1GB

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