Dirty IDM Glitch Drum Kit


For all you IDM, Glitch, Glitch Hop and Breaks producers this is one drum kit you must have. 315 exclusive, twisted and dirty drum sounds that will simply blow your beat programming mind! With 60 new banging kicks, an array of crazy hats, the snappiest claps and snares around and a ballistic collection of drum fx this glitch drum kit can not be missed.

The Dirty IDM Glitch Drum Kit gives you the tools to create an arsenal of killer glitch & IDM beats. There just hasn't been a glitch drum kit like this available before so we take pride in delivering what will be an essential part of any IDM, Glitch & Glitch Hop drum programming tools.


Kicks - 60
Hi Hats - 40
Claps - 20
Snares - 32
Percussion - 54
Drum FX - 109

Files - Audio: 315
Type - Audio: 16-Bit 44.1-Khz
Info - Key: No
Info - Bpm: No
Zip Size: 36 MB

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