Cinematic 80’s Presets


Turn your Sylenth synth into an 80’s time machine with a beautiful collection of synth presets designed exclusively for an 80’s soundtrack era. This cohesive preset pack will inspire your retro fuelled content with suspense ridden strings, evocative pads, time defying bass, emotive arpeggios, impeccable brass, fm synth leads and reminiscent keys of a time where music reigned supreme.

Using today’s techniques to create the unmistakable golden age of synth sounds, Cinematic 80’s Presets takes your Sylenth synth on a journey far beyond the boundaries of Blade Runner, Tron, Day Of The Dead & The Breakfast Club. This nostalgic collection is perfect for musicians requiring to envelop their tracks with an alternative emotion of yesteryear character. Featuring a comprehensive range of synth possibilities these 80’s presets will transcend your musical creations into the suspense, anticipation and tension they truly need. Geared towards the more emotive side of 80’s soundtracks you’ll be entranced within minutes as you browse through the plethora of 80’s fuelled sounds.

All presets within the collection can be used 100% royalty free and are available for download in both individual preset FXP and bank file FXB format. Download it now and turn your synth into an 80’s soundtrack monster.

Please note: These are presets for Lennar Digitals Sylenth only

Arpeggios - 5
Bass - 15
Brass - 5
Chords - 2
FX - 7
Keys - 14
Leads - 25
Pads - 7
Sequences - 15
Strings - 5

Info - Key: n/a
Info - Bpm: n/a
Zip Size: 1MB

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