• Trap - Bundle

    This Trap mega bundle is breathtakingly awesome with a monumental amount of Trap samples, loops, melodies, drops, beats, one shots, synth, FX, stems, vocals, full mix loops and midi. With one single purchase you can supercharge your studio into superstar... read more

    • total files: 7855
    • zip size: 31.3GB
    • type - audio: 24-Bit Wav
  • Mesmeric Pop

    Experimenting with a wealth of ambitious melodic elements, Mesmeric Pop covers all corners of multiple genres from Future Bass to Pop, Downtempo to Electro Swing. Built to pump your sonic palette, this collection is perfectly suited for creators looking ... read more

    • total files: 663
    • zip size: 1.6GB
    • type - audio: 24-Bit Wav
  • Psychedelic Trance

    Thought your Psytrance sample library was complete, think again. Perfect Tone enters the ring for Zenhiser with a turbulent mix of fresh Psytrance sounds, loops, stems, midi, one shots and psychedelic mayhem. Brimming with production flare this sample li... read more

    • total files: 464
    • zip size: 2.2GB
    • type - audio: 24-Bit Wav
  • Progressive Aura

    Blurring the lines between beauty and atmosphere, Progressive Aura whisks you away into a euphoric world of uplifting synths, refreshing chords and enticing melodies. With a wealth of potential this Progressive House sample library delivers an abundance ... read more

    • total files: 552
    • zip size: 3.2GB
    • type - audio: 24-Bit Wav
  • Psytrance For Massive

    Just when you thought NI’s Massive synth couldn’t get any more powerful, Zenhiser enters the ring with a Psytrance preset pack that begs belief. Made from scratch and designed exclusively to turbo charge your Psytrance studio these presets wi... read more

    • total files: 257
    • zip size: 506MB
    • type - audio: 24-Bit Wav
    • type - preset: nmsv