• Trance Afterburn

    Immerse yourself within the intoxicating sound of delirium. ‘Trance Afterburn’ sparks all your senses with ethereal leads, exhilarating drops, heavenly breakdowns, pulverising drums and debauched melodies. This 5GB monstrous sample library is... read more

    • total files: 533
    • zip size: 2.5GB
    • type - audio: 24-Bit Wav
  • Magnetic Techno

    Explore the hypnotic side of Techno, darker undertones, cutting edge synths, retro inspired rhythms and deep seated bass join forces to establish a new frontier in Techno sounds. The perfect amalgamation of vintage and new constructs a detailed array of ... read more

    • total files: 570
    • zip size: 4.7GB
    • type - audio: 24-Bit Wav
  • Elements Of Psytrance

    Break through new frontiers of programming with this exhilarative Psytrance sample library. ‘Elements Of Psytrance’ succeeds your current production level cramming in an exhaustive selection of Psytrance sounds including supercharged kicks, a... read more

    • total files: 565
    • zip size: 3.1GB
    • type - audio: 24-Bit Wav
  • Technology

    Technology explores the deep melodic side of Techno in absolute beauty. Packed to the brim with hypnotic rhythms, inspirational melodies, deep basslines, enigmatic pads and cutting edge sounds this Techno sample library is an immaculately produced collec... read more

    • total files: 461
    • zip size: 3.9GB
    • type - audio: 24-Bit Wav
  • Psytrance For Serum

    Xfer’s Serum is one of the most powerful wavetable synths to date, a dream machine for many but lacking in sounds for Psytrance producers. Psytrance For Serum supercharges this programmable beast with rich textures, intricate sequences, punchy bass... read more

    • total files: 284
    • zip size: 1.2GB
    • type - audio: 24-Bit Wav
    • type - preset: fxp
  • Oscillate

    Oscillate explores the deep, melodic world of Techno with driving drums, obsessive synths, mysterious pads, persistent arps and bass heavy rhythms. This Techno beauty cuts through today’s underground sound like a hot knife through butter offering a... read more

    • total files: 456
    • zip size: 3.6GB
    • type - audio: 24-Bit Wav