• Bang!

    Are you on the look out for a sample pack to blow your current sound collection to smithereens, well Bang! from Zenhiser is that atomic bomb. Defying genres this all out masterpiece of sonic wizardry will give you all the tools to supercharge your produc... read more

    • total files: 434
    • zip size: 2.1GB
    • type - audio: 24-Bit Wav
  • Techno Inception

    Grab everything you love about the hypnotising sound of Techno, combine it with some trippy progressions, sprinkle in a few melodic elements and infuse the final concoction with expertly programmed drums, now you have the quintessential Techno sample col... read more

    • total files: 535
    • zip size: 3.6GB
    • type - audio: 24-Bit Wav
  • Subliminal

    Subliminal pushes the boundaries of electronic music by fusing Deep House with the synthesised melodies of majestic Progressive House. This melting pot of untouched  sounds is an absolute goldmine just waiting to be used. If you need sonic inspirati... read more

    • total files: 646
    • zip size: 3.9GB
    • type - audio: 24-Bit Wav
  • Tropical House 2

    We’re back, exploring the world of Tropical House with a brand new pack chock-full of unique Tropical House sounds. Refined to deliver a stunning level of quality this sample collection offers the sonic warmth, blissful aura and melodic paradise on... read more

    • total files: 633
    • zip size: 2.4GB
    • type - audio: 24-Bit Wav
  • Psytrance For Sylenth

    Time to turbocharge Sylenth synth with Zenhiser’s cutting edge collection of Psytrance presets offering a phenomenal assortment of expressive and detailed sounds dedicated to the Psy realm. Using advanced programming techniques this culmination of ... read more

    • total files: 292
    • zip size: 1.2GB
    • type - audio: 24-Bit Wav
    • type - preset: FXP & FXB
  • Trap - Bundle

    This Trap mega bundle is breathtakingly awesome with a monumental amount of Trap samples, loops, melodies, drops, beats, one shots, synth, FX, stems, vocals, full mix loops and midi. With one single purchase you can supercharge your studio into superstar... read more

    • total files: 7855
    • zip size: 31.3GB
    • type - audio: 24-Bit Wav