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  • Massive Trap Presets

    It was only a matter of time before some serious Trap presets were created in the Zenhiser studio for Native Instruments Massive Synth. And after months of heavyweight programming ‘Massive Trap Presets’ was born. 100 smouldering sounds designed for ... read more

    • Release: 15/04/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 100
    • ZIP SIZE: 1mb
  • Huge EDM Drops

    We’re back with another EDM monster dedicated exclusively to huge EDM drops! Designed to deliver the essentials for massive sounding EDM tracks ‘Huge EDM Drops’ contains all the essential ingredients to make an EDM hit. Separated into folders ... read more

    • Release: 08/04/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 185
    • ZIP SIZE: 429mb
  • Insane Dubstep Presets V1

    We’re back with another monstrous array of Native Instrument Massive presets designed exclusively for the Dubstep and Urban realm. These next level Dubstep presets will make your Massive synth roar so you can warp, distort and twist your dubstep sound ... read more

    • Release: 31/03/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 100
    • ZIP SIZE: 1mb
  • EDM Festival Anthems

    'Epic EDM Anthems’ are truly huge, mind boggling huge actually, I don’t think we’ve ever given away so many awe inspiring hooks in one pack, it’s literally one hit after the other. Packed full of basslines, arps, leads, synths and pads ... read more

    • Release: 25/03/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 558
    • ZIP SIZE: 619 mb
  • Twerk Sessions

    Trap has cemented it’s foundations in the clubbing scene and with it has come some amazing sub genres and styles, one we had to get out on Zenhiser is Twerk. Based on a tasty mix of Trap and the spicy flavour of southern Bounce music this subdivision will ... read more

    • Release: 17/03/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 501
    • ZIP SIZE: 723mb
  • Futuristic Percussion

    Sometimes standard drum sounds just won’t cut it, you’re seeking something alternative, fresh and futuristic. Here at Zenhiser we feel your pain and had to do something to soothe those yearnings so, with that in mind we created ‘Futuristic ... read more

    • Release: 10/03/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 300
    • ZIP SIZE: 63 mb
  • Massive Dubstep Basslines 3

    We’re back with the third instalment in our Massive Dubstep Basslines series. Once again we’re delivering a brand new collection of royalty free Dubstep bassline loops and awesome Dubstep bass presets for Native Instruments Massive synth. ‘Massive ... read more

    • Release: 04/03/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 101
    • ZIP SIZE: 91 mb
  • Progressive House Super Synths

    Fresh from the Zenhiser studio’s comes the ultimate collection of Progressive House synth loops dedicated to creating huge Progressive House, Mainroom & EDM tracks. Dedicated to synth loops alone ‘Progressive House Super Synths’ creates ... read more

    • Release: 24/02/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 292
    • ZIP SIZE: 569 mb
  • Trap Drums

    We’re coming out guns blazin’ with another addition to the Zenhiser arsenal of Trap sounds. ‘Trap Drums’ is an all out assault of stunning drum samples created to unleash the deeper side of Trap. So get ready to unleash your Trap rhythms ... read more

    • Release: 17/02/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 295
    • ZIP SIZE: 34mb
  • Classic 90's Synths

    As you should know Zenhiser is not just about the now, it’s the past, present and future, that’s what makes our sample catalogue so exciting. We’ve already covered the NY 90’s House sound but this time we’re going bigger, the whole ... read more

    • Release: 11/02/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 211
    • ZIP SIZE: 499 mb
  • Epic EDM Kicks

    Are you ready for the biggest EDM Kick pack of the year, think you can handle it? Well Zenhiser’s created ‘Epic EDM Kicks’ and it’s your destiny to use these  bad boy kick drum samples now. 150 primed, mastered and ready for any ... read more

    • Release: 04/02/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 150
    • ZIP SIZE: 15mb
  • TR-808 The Drum Machine

    Introduced by the Roland Corporation in early 1980, the TR-808 drum machine was released to the general public . What Roland didn’t know was this iconic drum machine of the 80’s would still be used in studios worldwide for the next 35 years and re-invent ... read more

    • Release: 27/01/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 1437
    • ZIP SIZE: 1.2GB
  • Prophet 5 FX

    We love our retro gear here at Zenhiser so it was only a matter of time before Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 synth made it into our catalogue. With a wealth of analogue sounds within this synth monster we decided the best and most usable sounds to add to a new ... read more

    • Release: 20/01/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 378
    • ZIP SIZE: 922mb
  • Trapstep Warrior

    We’re on a Trap roll here at Zenhiser with our latest offering blasting it’s way into the Trapstep arena. ‘Trapstep Warrior’ is not a sample pack, it’s a Trap movement delivering top end elements to push the musical boundaries of ... read more

    • Release: 13/01/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 380
    • ZIP SIZE: 559 mb
  • EDM Drums

    Making your next track and finding your drums are just aren’t big enough, well Zenhiser is here to the rescue! 275 of the biggest, up to date club pounding drum sounds and mega drum loops all perfectly crafted and mastered to perfection. These really are ... read more

    • Release: 08/01/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 275
    • ZIP SIZE: 318mb
  • Classic Goa Trance Hooks

    We’re back with another essential pack for all Psytrance and Goa Trance freaks. ‘Classic Goa Trance Hooks’ is a monumental array of Goa Trance sounds, loops and fx delivering all the finest sounds you know and trust in the classic Goa realm. ... read more

    • Release: 30/12/13
    • TOTAL FILES: 515
    • ZIP SIZE: 2GB
  • Massive Trance Presets 2

    Thought Massive Trance Presets was huge well check out the follow up ‘Massive Trance Preset 2’. This has to be the pinnacle of Trance presets, they are simply incredible. This time we’ve focused on a very broad range of trance sounds from the ... read more

    • Release: 23/12/13
    • TOTAL FILES: 100
    • ZIP SIZE: 1MB
  • Dubstep FX 2

    Dubstep FX 2 delves into the driving side of Dubstep delivering 240 primed fx sounds ready for battle. Being the second in the series we decided to act on the fx sounds we hear most in Dubstep, Fall FX, FX Hits & the essential Rise FX. There is such a broad ... read more

    • Release: 17/12/13
    • TOTAL FILES: 240
    • ZIP SIZE: 409mb
  • Movie Stabs

    There’s no denying it, the BWAAR horn movie sound has taken over films worldwide, we love them big time, they deliver anticipation, drive, movement and an air of moodiness to films. Until now the movie stab sound was limited to major film companies and ... read more

    • Release: 09/12/13
    • TOTAL FILES: 302
    • ZIP SIZE: 1.07gb
  • Trance Hooks

    It doesn’t get any bigger than this, euphoric synth melodies, pumping basslines and power fx makes ‘Trance Hooks’ a one stop shop for ultimate trance gratification. Totalling 400 trance samples and loops crafted by Trance heavyweights means ... read more

    • Release: 02/12/13
    • TOTAL FILES: 440
    • ZIP SIZE: 608mb
  • Maximal Techno

    Delve into the underground world of Maximal Techno where pounding drums, tripped out synth lines and mind altering basslines are a standard. 654 essential techno samples makes up this unique techno sample pack including a complete array of drum sounds, percussive ... read more

    • Release: 26/11/13
    • TOTAL FILES: 654
    • ZIP SIZE: 414mb
  • Studio Essentials - Trap

    We’re delving deep and heavy in the Trap scene here at Zenhiser and it was only a matter of time before we could release a  Studio Essentials Trap pack that would blow your mind, so lock the studio door, play the preview f*ckin loud and get ready ... read more

    • Release: 19/11/13
    • TOTAL FILES: 500
    • ZIP SIZE: 548mb
  • Bundle - 1980's Beats

    Zenhiser Bundle’s are the perfect way to increase your sample library substantially without breaking the bank. We’ve taken on board our customers suggestions and released an array of bundle packs that suit both specific styles and genres. Every bundle ... read more

    • Release: 14/11/13
    • TOTAL FILES: 1621
    • ZIP SIZE: 3.3gb
  • Deep House Drummer

    It’s doesn’t get much smoother than this, Deep House Drummer is the ultimate in Deep House drum sounds delivering maximum glide to your drum tracks. This is probably one of the most in depth drum kits we’ve released with a multitude of drum ... read more

    • Release: 11/11/13
    • TOTAL FILES: 280
    • ZIP SIZE: 66mb