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  • Peak Time Massive Presets

    We make some seriously hot presets here at Zenhiser and this month we’ve crafted something really special for you, 100 presets designed exclusively for deep, driving and banging club tracks. Like it’s predecessors, this incredible preset pack is ... read more

    • Release: 07/07/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 100
    • ZIP SIZE: 1mb
  • Epic Drum Rolls & Fills

    The key to anticipation, drive and euphoric rushes in your EDM tracks is the build up. It should take you a higher level of appreciation and turn clubbers into field of pulsating stompers. The uplifting drum intension, filter swept snares and rise of sfx makes ... read more

    • Release: 29/06/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 275
    • ZIP SIZE: 331 mb
  • Dirty Dubstep Drums

    Zenhiser is proud to present a new avenue of Dubstep beats and drum sounds, ‘Dirty Dubstep Drums’ delves deep and dark into the dubstep realm whilst delivering power and drive. The core of the pack is the 60 supercharged drum beats all with multiple ... read more

    • Release: 27/06/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 279
    • ZIP SIZE: 298 mb
  • EDM Banger Drops

    As the name suggests the EDM drops in this pack are absolute huge and bang like a monster. Every melodic part is separated so you can use the full bass drop or as much or as little as you wish, now that’s usability! We’ve also included essential ... read more

    • Release: 23/06/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 496
    • ZIP SIZE: 1.8GB
  • Progressive House Drums

    The back bone to any EDM track is the drums, they need to be floor pounding, eq’d and compressed to perfection with just enough swing to give chart topping appeal. “Progressive House Drums” delivers all plus much more, not only does this Zenhiser ... read more

    • Release: 17/06/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 280
    • ZIP SIZE: 165mb
  • Massive Psytrance Presets 2

    It was only a matter of time before the office got inundated with requests for more Psytrance presets, could we refuse ……. hell no!!! After a few months back in the studio our favourite Psytrance producer emerged with what is probably the most ... read more

    • Release: 10/06/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 105
    • ZIP SIZE: 1 mb
  • Trap Vs Twerk

    It doesn’t get any bigger than this, “Trap Vs Twerk”  is an absolute monster bringing you ear damaging hooks, speaker destroying basslines, 808 style beats and some of the tightest one shots you’ve ever heard. There’s also ... read more

    • Release: 03/06/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 554
    • ZIP SIZE: 1.08GB
  • Psytrance - Bundle

    Zenhiser currently has the largest collection of Psytrance samples anywhere in the world, it’s a genre we’ve loved ever since the early Goa trance beach parties. Covering just about every element in Psytrance this Zenhiser bundle pack crams in 2485 ... read more

    • Release: 28/05/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 2485
    • ZIP SIZE: 4.6GB
  • Essential EDM

    We’re back with another EDM monster delivering the biggest and badest EDM Drops, EDM Melodies and everything in between. With just over 1.2GB of brand new uber melodic hooks, banging bass drops and all the EDM drum sounds you could ever need this EDM pack ... read more

    • Release: 27/05/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 566
    • ZIP SIZE: 1.2gb
  • Future Trap Hooks

    As the Trap scene evolves, new sub genres develop creating new divides and an ecletic sound of their own, one of those uber cool arms of Trap is Future Trap. This diverse sound grabs the essential elements of Trap and adds melodic, authentic and even romantic ... read more

    • Release: 20/05/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 505
    • ZIP SIZE: 877mb
  • UK Garage Drums

    Garage is the sound of now and what makes it most identifiable is it’s drum beats, they swing like a mad man and thump with their own eclectic craziness. The hats are nasty, claps snap like a mule and once combined make sure even the least energetic people ... read more

    • Release: 13/05/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 295
    • ZIP SIZE: 168 mb
  • Blissed Out Deep House 2

    Zenhiser is proud to announce the follow up to the incredibly successful ‘Blissed Out Deep House’. Once again abound with authentic groove loops this Deep House sample pack is tailored precisely for the deep house sound of today. ‘Blissed Out ... read more

    • Release: 05/05/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 444
    • ZIP SIZE: 1.18 GB
  • Studio Essentials - EDM

    After months locked away in the studio, the Zenhiser team returned to the EDM scene with what will certainly be the biggest, most epic, hook filled sample pack to date. ’Studio Essentials - EDM’ is crammed full of top notch EDM samples and loops ... read more

    • Release: 28/04/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 572
    • ZIP SIZE: 1.49 GB
  • Massive Trance Presets 3

    We’re back with another epic collection of Trance presets for Native Instruments Massive Synth. If you’ve already bought the first two trance preset packs then this is the perfect addition to your trance sound collection and if this is your first ... read more

    • Release: 22/04/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 100
    • ZIP SIZE: 1mb
  • Massive Trap Presets

    It was only a matter of time before some serious Trap presets were created in the Zenhiser studio for Native Instruments Massive Synth. And after months of heavyweight programming ‘Massive Trap Presets’ was born. 100 smouldering sounds designed for ... read more

    • Release: 15/04/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 100
    • ZIP SIZE: 1mb
  • Huge EDM Drops

    We’re back with another EDM monster dedicated exclusively to huge EDM drops! Designed to deliver the essentials for massive sounding EDM tracks ‘Huge EDM Drops’ contains all the essential ingredients to make an EDM hit. Separated into folders ... read more

    • Release: 08/04/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 185
    • ZIP SIZE: 429mb
  • Insane Dubstep Presets V1

    We’re back with another monstrous array of Native Instrument Massive presets designed exclusively for the Dubstep and Urban realm. These next level Dubstep presets will make your Massive synth roar so you can warp, distort and twist your dubstep sound ... read more

    • Release: 31/03/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 100
    • ZIP SIZE: 1mb
  • EDM Festival Anthems

    'Epic EDM Anthems’ are truly huge, mind boggling huge actually, I don’t think we’ve ever given away so many awe inspiring hooks in one pack, it’s literally one hit after the other. Packed full of basslines, arps, leads, synths and pads ... read more

    • Release: 25/03/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 558
    • ZIP SIZE: 619 mb
  • Twerk Sessions

    Trap has cemented it’s foundations in the clubbing scene and with it has come some amazing sub genres and styles, one we had to get out on Zenhiser is Twerk. Based on a tasty mix of Trap and the spicy flavour of southern Bounce music this subdivision will ... read more

    • Release: 17/03/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 501
    • ZIP SIZE: 723mb
  • Futuristic Percussion

    Sometimes standard drum sounds just won’t cut it, you’re seeking something alternative, fresh and futuristic. Here at Zenhiser we feel your pain and had to do something to soothe those yearnings so, with that in mind we created ‘Futuristic ... read more

    • Release: 10/03/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 300
    • ZIP SIZE: 63 mb
  • Massive Dubstep Basslines 3

    We’re back with the third instalment in our Massive Dubstep Basslines series. Once again we’re delivering a brand new collection of royalty free Dubstep bassline loops and awesome Dubstep bass presets for Native Instruments Massive synth. ‘Massive ... read more

    • Release: 04/03/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 101
    • ZIP SIZE: 91 mb
  • Progressive House Super Synths

    Fresh from the Zenhiser studio’s comes the ultimate collection of Progressive House synth loops dedicated to creating huge Progressive House, Mainroom & EDM tracks. Dedicated to synth loops alone ‘Progressive House Super Synths’ creates ... read more

    • Release: 24/02/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 292
    • ZIP SIZE: 569 mb
  • Trap Drums

    We’re coming out guns blazin’ with another addition to the Zenhiser arsenal of Trap sounds. ‘Trap Drums’ is an all out assault of stunning drum samples created to unleash the deeper side of Trap. So get ready to unleash your Trap rhythms ... read more

    • Release: 17/02/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 295
    • ZIP SIZE: 34mb
  • Classic 90's Synths

    As you should know Zenhiser is not just about the now, it’s the past, present and future, that’s what makes our sample catalogue so exciting. We’ve already covered the NY 90’s House sound but this time we’re going bigger, the whole ... read more

    • Release: 11/02/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 211
    • ZIP SIZE: 499 mb