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  • Psytrance Drums

    It’s time to go back to basics here at Zenhiser, delve extensively into one part of Psytrance production and cover it well. “Psytrance Drums” is designed to deliver the maximum potential to your Psytrance drum tracks, with exceptional production ... read more

    • Release: 17/11/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 402
    • ZIP SIZE: 791 mb
  • Trance Synth Shots

    As our Trance catalogue evolves so does our style of packs which creates new opportunities for Trance producers and remixers. Our latest instalment is “Trance One Shots”, 270 primed, essential one shot sounds designed to re-shape your trance tracks ... read more

    • Release: 11/11/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 270
    • ZIP SIZE: 86 mb
  • Classic UK Garage Presets

    Taking it’s pride of place back in the 90’s, Classic UK Garage has been ripping through sound systems ever since. Known for rumbling basslines, beats that swing more than your local swingers club and sexy stabs to gel both the clubbers and music ... read more

    • Release: 05/11/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 100
    • ZIP SIZE: 1 mb
  • Electro Disco

    Blending elements of the current clubbing trend with 80’s fuelled synthesizers has created one of our most eclectic and sonic inspiring packs, “Electro Disco”. Laying it’s roots with the classic 80’s sound, Electro Disco takes synth ... read more

    • Release: 28/10/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 548
    • ZIP SIZE: 933 mb
  • Epic Trance Drops

    ‘Epic Trace Drops’ is the perfect mix of driving power drops and utterly euphoric melodies. 1.7 GB of finely polished hooks, melodies and drops means this Zenhiser pack will keep your tracks fresh and exciting for months to come. The Trance drops ... read more

    • Release: 20/10/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 548
    • ZIP SIZE: 1.7 GB
  • Techno Synth

    Designed for gritty Techno producers around the globe, Techno Synth delivers a collection of raw and edgy techno synth loops and basslines to match. Masterfully produced using multiple textures and forward thinking sounds, this Techno sample pack fits perfectly ... read more

    • Release: 13/10/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 411
    • ZIP SIZE: 567 mb
  • EDM Drums V2

    Think you can handle the follow up? It’s finally here and we are super proud to present “EDM Drums V2” featuring an obliterating array of EDM drum hits and drum loops. These EDM drums are of epic proportions and deliver enough drive and punch ... read more

    • Release: 07/10/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 410
    • ZIP SIZE: 538 mb
  • Techno Drums

    Drawing on the years of Techno progression and development this raw collection of Techno drum beats and techno drum sounds has evolved into an organic, stylish drum library of limitless proportions. Covering all the current styles of Techno, “Techno Drums” ... read more

    • Release: 29/09/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 379
    • ZIP SIZE: 238 mb
  • Sexy Deep House Drums

    It’s time to get your drums deep, really deep and Zenhiser is here to shine the light. With an incredible collection lush Deep House drum loops and crisp authentic drum sounds ‘Sexy Deep House Drums’ has all the warmth and character you could ... read more

    • Release: 23/09/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 340
    • ZIP SIZE: 429 mb
  • Trance Drums 2

    We’re back with the 2nd instalment of trance drums and it’s an absolute beauty. Delving deeper into the sub genres associated with Trance, these drum sounds and drum loops are the pinnacle of Euphoric Trance, 138bpm Trance, Progressive Trance, Tech ... read more

    • Release: 15/09/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 280
    • ZIP SIZE: 339 mb
  • Kicks - Bundle

    We currently hold one of the biggest and most diverse kick drum libraries anywhere in the world, the quality of all these kick drum sounds is second to none and their variety truly mind blowing. With such a broad range of kick sounds we decided to create the ... read more

    • Release: 12/09/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 2543
    • ZIP SIZE: 260 mb
  • Strictly Deep

    Delving deep and downright sexy into a melting pot of Tech House, Deep House & Techno, “Strictly Deep” is the calling for all current stylish producers. Jacked full of inspiring basslines, beats, drum sounds, percussion loops, synth loops, top ... read more

    • Release: 09/09/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 580
    • ZIP SIZE: 535 mb
  • Huge Zebra 2 Presets

    Huge Zebra 2 Presets is our first sound bank for U-he’s Zebra 2 synth, it’s designed for the current EDM scene but caters for nearly all genres of dance music. Delivering punchy, clearly detailed sounds with extreme presence these presets will transform ... read more

    • Release: 18/08/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 100
    • ZIP SIZE: 7 mb
  • Futuristic Glitch

    Futuristic Glitch is a sonic journey mixing experimental Glitch patterns with futuristic robotic sounds. This inspiring match gives birth to intricate tripped out glitch loops of breath taking proportions. Split of over two tempos, 85bpm & 100bpm this futuristic ... read more

    • Release: 18/08/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 440
    • ZIP SIZE: 489 mb
  • Xtreme Dubstep Variations

    Xtreme Dubstep Variations delivers something fresh and exciting for all you Dubstep freaks. Comprised of power driven hooks and supercharged one shot samples this Dubstep pack concentrates on particular sounds and creates multiple options by stripping down elements ... read more

    • Release: 18/08/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 348
    • ZIP SIZE: 518 mb
  • Trap Sessions

    ‘Trap Sessions’ is the first line in assault style Trap beats, comprising of 500 stunning Trap sounds, loops, beats and fx. Designed to be a complete Trap toolbox these Zenhiser samples will keep your Trap tracks fuelled and ready to hit the charts ... read more

    • Release: 11/08/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 500
    • ZIP SIZE: 536mb
  • Epic Massive Presets 2

    It’s time again to supercharge your Massive synth with another awesome collection of presets designed exclusively by Zenhiser. Just like the first pack in the series ‘Epic Massive Presets 2’ covers nearly all the key genres in dance music, ... read more

    • Release: 05/08/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 103
    • ZIP SIZE: 1mb
  • Classic House Drum Sounds

    We knew it was only a matter of time before we received a huge amount of requests for Classic 90’s House drum sounds, and with our love for everything retro we knew it would sit perfectly in the Zenhiser catalogue. Consisting of all the elements anyone ... read more

    • Release: 30/07/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 267
    • ZIP SIZE: 18 mb
  • Melodic Trance Midi

    ‘Melodic Trance Midi’ is the ultimate blend of melodic trance and euphoric sounds creating a plethora of truly stylish hooks. This detailed and diverse trance sound pack delivers multiple options and ideas to both develop and hone your trance skills. ... read more

    • Release: 29/07/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 400
    • ZIP SIZE: 632 mb
  • Sci Fi FX

    Welcome to Zenhiser’s “Sci Fi FX” sound library, one of the most in depth sound effects library we have created which fits perfectly along side our Transformer FX, Movie Impacts & Movie Stabs sound packs. Inspired by some of Hollywood’s ... read more

    • Release: 21/07/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 607
    • ZIP SIZE: 2.06GB
  • Trapstep Warrior 2

    Zenhiser’s back with the eagerly awaited follow up to Trapstep Warrior. This second instalment in the series delivers all the tools you need to create chart topping Trapstep tracks. This Trap sound archive is the ultimate toolbox for crafting bangin’ ... read more

    • Release: 14/07/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 500
    • ZIP SIZE: 586 mb
  • Peak Time Massive Presets

    We make some seriously hot presets here at Zenhiser and this month we’ve crafted something really special for you, 100 presets designed exclusively for deep, driving and banging club tracks. Like it’s predecessors, this incredible preset pack is ... read more

    • Release: 07/07/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 100
    • ZIP SIZE: 1mb
  • Epic Drum Rolls & Fills

    The key to anticipation, drive and euphoric rushes in your EDM tracks is the build up. It should take you a higher level of appreciation and turn clubbers into field of pulsating stompers. The uplifting drum intension, filter swept snares and rise of sfx makes ... read more

    • Release: 29/06/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 275
    • ZIP SIZE: 331 mb
  • Dirty Dubstep Drums

    Zenhiser is proud to present a new avenue of Dubstep beats and drum sounds, ‘Dirty Dubstep Drums’ delves deep and dark into the dubstep realm whilst delivering power and drive. The core of the pack is the 60 supercharged drum beats all with multiple ... read more

    • Release: 27/06/14
    • TOTAL FILES: 279
    • ZIP SIZE: 298 mb