• Dream Vocal Chops

    An individual collection of vocal sounds and phrases using pitching techniques to inspire artists through their journey of music production. Methodically processed and skilfully crafted, these dreamy, beautiful vocals make aural production an absolute pl... read more

    • total files: 301
    • zip size: 0.8GB
    • type - audio: 24-Bit Wav
  • Inner Techno Visions

    Combining all the elements we love about Techno and blending them together with outrageous clarity, “Inner Techno Visions” will please even the most fussy of Techno connoisseurs. Delve deep into the collection and you’ll find a folder s... read more

    • total files: 503
    • zip size: 3.2GB
    • type - audio: 24-Bit Wav
  • Journeys Of Beauty

    Emotions run rife, boundaries are pushed to their limits as the unique sound of “Journeys Of Beauty” extends your sonic capabilities past limits you never thought possible. Capturing the signature sound in all it’s glory was the purpose... read more

    • total files: 592
    • zip size: 1.9GB
    • type - audio: 24-Bit Wav
  • Techno Synths For Diva

    “Techno Synths For Diva” is the ultimate schizophrenic, designed to seize not only a deluge of synth presets for U-He Diva synth but a surplus of cutting edge synth loops too, keeping your Techno tracks busy for months to come. Transcending t... read more

    • total files: 642
    • zip size: 1.7GB
    • type - audio: 24-Bit Wav
    • type - preset: h2p
  • Catalyst

    Constructed solely at 150bpm “Catalyst” is filled to the brim with pure melodic bangers perfectly suited to any genre that headlines the stage. The sheer amount of top notch producer tools included in this pack is downright astonishing, fusin... read more

    • total files: 597
    • zip size: 3.7GB
    • type - audio: 24-Bit Wav