Below you will find a comprehensive list of questions and answers to help guide you through any requests or issues you may have. If you find your query has not been answered below, please contact us via the Contact Us page. We will endevour to answer your request within 24 hours during the week period.

How Do I Receive My Downloads?

Once your order is completed you will be re-directed to your personal account section on the Zenhiser site. Simply click the download links within 'My Downloadable Products' to download directly to your computer, it's that simple. Alternatively you can click the My Account link in the header of all our webpages to be taken directly to your Zenhiser account.

How Long Are The Download Links Active For?

Zenhiser download links are not time active. You have 5 download attempts for every product you have ordered. If at a later date you run into computer problems and lose your purchases you can simpy log in and re-download all your purchases. We do highly suggest keeping a back up of your purchases just in case you run out of download attempts in the future. Zenhiser will only replace download links for a previous order upon receipt of the customers purchase receipt. This is applicable to all orders made within a two year period, any purchases of a later date than two years will not be covered.

All downloads attempts are IP logged, this is to ensure your purchases stay safe and your download links are not used by third parties.

I'm Having Problems Downloading, What Can I Do?

1. If you are having problems we strongly suggest downloading your order from an alternative computer. This solves the problem in 99.9% of downloading issues. PLEASE NOTE: For this you will need your log in details so you can access your account on the alternative computer.
2. Check or disable your firewall software whilst downloading.
3. Verify your anti virus settings if the file is being blocked from download.
4. Speed checking your internet connection. This will allow you to see whether you are receiving the speeds your account has mentioned.
5. Downloading only one zip file at once.
6. Downloading only your Zenhiser zip files, no third party downloads at the same time.
7. Disabling any download manager you may be using and downloading the zip files directly.
8. If you are watching online TV or streaming movies please suspend this until the zip files are download successfully.

How Can I Pay?

You have two options for payment with Zenhiser, by credit card, visa card and most other bank card payments using the standard payment system. Or you can also purchase using your Paypal, simply follow the instructions on the payment page.

How Safe & Secure Is My Credit Card & Personal Information?

Our payment system is supplied and looked after by Eway, an internationally recognized and highly respected payment gateway. Eway supplies an extremely high level of security so you can rest assured your purchases are safe and secure. We also use an integrated PayPal system for Paypal. PayPal’s extremely high level of encryption and secure technology is one the best services available on the web & currently being used by over 100 million customers worldwide.

What Requirements Do I Need For Downloading From Zenhiser?

If you have a computer, an internet connection and either a credit / debit card or paypal account then you can download from Zenhiser. Our system has been tried and tested on both PC, Mac's and web browsers including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and others. Downloads are obviously faster on a broadband connection but slower downloads can still be made on dial up connections as well.

Can I Buy Zenhiser Pro Audio Products Anywhere Else?

Our catalogue is exclusively produced for Zenhiser. We sell our full catalogue through the Zenhiser site only and a limited catalogue through a few third party friends.

What About Returns?

Unfortunately we do not accept returns. Due to sample piracy I'm afraid we do not have a choice in this matter. For further information please view our Refund Policy

What Am I Actually Purchasing?

When you purchase a download pack from Zenhiser you are not obtaining ownership of the sounds, you are in fact purchasing a license to use the sounds within your musical compositions, whether or not your compositions are released commercially. Please view our License Agreement for further details.