TR-808 The Drum Machine


Introduced by the Roland Corporation in early 1980, the TR-808 drum machine was released to the general public . What Roland didn’t know was this iconic drum machine of the 80’s would still be used in studios worldwide for the next 35 years and re-invent the sounds of multiple genres through the decades. It’s claim to fame started with Hip Hop and the Electro sound from the US, then evolved through UK Dance music, popped it’s head in every genre from Techno to Drum & Bass and now it’s the main drum sound of Trap, there’s no holding back this monster of a drum machine from now or the future.

Authentic Roland TR-808’s in perfect condition have become harder and harder to find year on year so here at Zenhiser we decided it was time to sample the hell out of a perfect condition TR 808, then run it through some awesome analogue gear and deliver a pinnacle pack of TR-808 drum sounds plus a superbly programmed array of drum loops that have spanned the 808 decades. We really went to town with the drum sampling of this 808 drum machine, developing new techniques of takes with altering decay and tone times to give you the music producer as much control as if you actually owned this awesome drum machine. Every preset has been sampled to perfection and quickly folder’d for ease of use so all you need to do is assign the drum samples to your DAW or sampler and voila, you have an authentic Roland TR-808 right there in your studio, ready to use and abuse!

To make the package even sweeter we spent hours creating similar versions of authentic drum beats from the decades ranging in bpm from 88 to 170, over 560 drum loops in total, now that’s a huge library of drum loops any producer in EDM or retro freak can not refuse. Just have a look at the specs below to see how comprehensive this drum machine pack really is, and as far as we know there is no other 808 sample pack this dedicated, detailed and comprehensive anywhere in the world.

So come on, ever seen a drum machine pack this good? Check out the preview, listen to the drum beats and clarity then push the buy button, it will be your best decision of the day!

808 Drum Loops - 561 loops
808 Bass Drums - 240 samples
808 Claps - 16 samples
808 Clave - 16 samples
808 Conga Low - 36 samples
808 Conga Medium - 36 samples
808 Conga High - 36 samples
808 Cow Bell - 16 samples
808 Cymbal - 72 samples
808 Hi Hat Open - 36 samples
808 Hi Hat Closed - 16 samples
808 Maraca - 16 samples
808 Rim Shot - 16 samples
808 Snare - 216 samples
808 Tom Low - 36 samples
808 Tom Medium - 36 samples
808 Tom High - 36 samples

Files - Audio: 1437
Type - Audio: 24-Bit 44.1-Khz
Info - Key: No
Info - Bpm: Yes
Zip Size: 1.2 GB

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